WBB: Ohio State Shocked by Wichita State

There was no Black Friday shopping for the Ohio State women’s basketball team as they took on Wichita State today in the second game of the Paradise Jam in the US Virgin Islands. Wichita State jumped out to a quick 6-1 lead thanks to a pair of three pointers but Ohio State responded and tied […]


Buckeyes drop James Madison, 73-56

Having stuffed themselves with Turkey on Thursday, the # 16 Buckeyes stuffed the stat sheet with another pretty good performance this afternoon and downed James Madison 73-56. It wasn’t a great performance, just “pretty good” enough to move the #16 Buckeyes to 5-0 for the season. The Buckeyes started out hot from the field then […]

OSU vs Michigan, 1968

What Does The Game Mean To You?

Everybody has their own feelings around THE GA_E. There’s plenty of traditions, superstitions, and contests that take place in association with it. I wanted to put it to digital _edia and have asked _y co_rades and a few for_er Buckeyes to help out. Hope you are ready because it’s the eve of the biggest rivalry […]


Across The Web: The Game

Our to give him a follow on Twitter as well! What will TTUN have to do to stay with the Buckeyes step for step and hope to send Hoke out a winner? It relies on calling on the ghosts of the past.  We’re going to need: The snow from the 1950 game.  This will help […]


It’s The Game, and there’s nothing like it, even this year

Another great post from our Bloguin friends at The Student Section- be sure to check them out! It’s defined not by traveling trophies, cute nicknames, or in-state borders. It’s called only, “The Game,” and while it’s cliche to say you don’t understand the hate unless you’ve been around it in any way … you don’t […]

Goodnight, Brady

What Do You Want To See On Saturday: The Game

I don’t know about you but I’ve waited all season for this game. Because *ichigan has been so bad lately, the B1G division title is not up for grabs. Ohio State already has that crown and a berth in the championship game. But a larger prize awaits: A spot in the first football playoff. The […]

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WBB: Ohio State Rallies to Beat Clemson

While most of you, at least those who live in the States, were enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, the Ohio State women’s basketball team was hard at work. The Buckeyes are participating in the annual Paradise Jam in the US Virgin Islands. While I’m sure the team will take some time to enjoy the beaches and […]


Pick ‘Em: Going Through The Motions

The obese female has exercised her vocal chords. Mathematically I was still alive going into last week but I had to make my move. And I needed some help from the teams I picked. Not happening. It was actually closer than I anticipated. I took all the teams Ken picked to lose except Ohio State. […]


Preseason Chat: OSU Men’s Volleyball

Folks, this is a fun article. For some back-story, a couple months ago I was “decompressing” after a workout at the local “Y”. Of course, I generally wear an Ohio State logo’d tee-shirt. This gracious lady approaches me and asks if I’d attended OSU. I explained the “Ken-OSU” relationship, and she mentioned that her son […]

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Top Buckeye Moments tBBC is Thankful For

As Buckeyes fans prepare for the best rivalry in all of sports on Saturday with that team up north and sit down to spend time with their families this Thanksgiving Day, The staff here at tBBC looks back at some of the most memorable Buckeye Moments that our staff is thankful for. 


Officially Speaking: B1G Turkeys

Coach Meyer had a reason to be frustrated last Saturday- the Buckeye defense had served up a heap of stuffing to Indiana’s run game when the flag fluttered to the ground… Patrick: After watching several replays, this is straight a blown call. Horse collar rules states “inside the shoulder pads” and clearly Washington has a […]


MBB: Ohio State Consumes Campbell, 91-64

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Ohio State improved their record to 4-0 as they consumed Campbell, 91-64. The Buckeyes successfully handled torrid Campbell 3-point shooting and Fighting Camel persistent offensive rebounding to put this game away fairly easily.This was a game that saw the margin fluctuate between low-20′ to high-20′s for most of the 2nd […]


tBBC Radio Hour: TTUN Preview

Clair and Joe are back to preview “The Game”. For us, it’s more than just a football game — it’s a holiday.

The best rivalry in all of sports takes center stage yet again Saturday afternoon and we have you covered.tbbc-Radio-Hour-itunes

On this week’s episode, Clair and I talk about the tradition behind the game, our recollections of it and why it’s ingrained in our blood.

It’s that time of the year again! Enjoy it Folks:)

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Thanks for listening and GO Buckeyes!


Wednesday Night Rumble: No Remorse

We are officially smack dab in the middle of Hate Week! I’m sure you’ve kept the color blue out of your clothing choices so far, make sure and finish strong. Speaking of finishing strong, the Buckeye of 2013 unfortunately did not. This years model looks to make amends. We’ll talk about it all. It’s Wednesday, […]