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A New Day For tBBC

Welcome to The Buckeye Battlecry 6.0… the latest incarnation of your favorite corner of the interwebs.

Inspired by the new digs in the Ohio State Basketball and Football facilities as well as other sacred places, and following in the footsteps of our brothers from another mother over at MotSaG, we’ve made some changes to the way you experience us here abouts.

The first is the most notable- after about four years of the great design from Chad Heaton, we did some crowd-sourcing and ended up with the look you see today. Thanks to Chad for his help with 4.0 and 5.0, and to everyone that participated in our redesign survey!

Secondly, we’ve made some new friends! After being proudly independent for the majority of our existence, we’ve made the decision to join the Bloguin network. Home to some great B1G sites (our friends at Boiled Sports and MadTown Badgers, for instance) and the award winning Awful Announcing, we’re excited to be a part of their next phase of expansion and development.

Two factors made this an easy decision: First, this will help address some of the “behind the scenes” issues that we had this summer- it’s our version of a new hamster on the wheel, this one with turbo.  Second, Bloguin’s CEO is an Ohio State alumni… we’re happy to partner with him to make a connection to the other Buckeye fans and alumni across the world.

But most importantly, we’re thankful for the fans and readers that choose to make us a part of their Buckeye experience. If it weren’t for you, we’d just be those guys you see out on High Street muttering to themselves.

Twelve days until kickoff… Go Bucks!

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