The Buckeye Battle Cry Radio Hour: Rant Hammer

Welcome to a special edition of tBBC Radio Hour!  This week I fly solo on the hot button topic of the year – the Sugar Bowl non-suspensions.

It’s a lot longer than I intended, but I hope you enjoy it.  Of course, with any rant you’ve got to have a couple words of warning.

  1. Definitely NSFW.  Wear headphones and keep the volume down.  Most certainly not family friendly.
  2. I love Tressel, I really do.  Promise.  Same with this university.  The reason I rant so hard is because I frankly expect better.
  3. Polite applause for Along the Olentangy, please.  They finally joined the opinion circle by coincidentally posting an article that tries to refute my basic point.  Too bad they come ill equipped.  AtO does more to strengthen my argument than hurt it.  The issue at hand is not whether or not the NCAA rulebook allows them to take the action it did.  Of course it does, and of course we know that it does.  The point is whether the rulebook should allow them to do it at all.  Quite honestly, the answer is no.  The fact this rule exists at all merely gets at my base argument that the NCAA is out of control, and unable to legislate it’s basic operating premise.
  4. This was recorded before the player statement’s meeting was announced.
  5. I’ve asked for emails.  You can feel free to email me here with any topics you like.  I will write a discussions article with thoughts from some of the better emails that don’t necessarily warrant inclusion in a future podcast.  That includes negative thoughts as well.
  6. The views expressed are mine and mine alone, and do not reflect the opinions of anyone else at The Buckeye Battle Cry, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The podcast is below the break.  Enjoy!


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Eric has been infiltrating enemy territory for the last 8 years, providing excellent intel from behind the Maize Curtain. You can find him on twitter @ErictBBC.