Ohio State News And Notes: Silver Bullet Points 9.17.13

Written September 17th, 2013 by Clair

All Smiles

Cal in the rearview, Florida A&M in the crosshairs…

  • Smooth Moves- Braxton Miller’s sprained MCL proved to be bothersome enough for Saturday’s matchup against Cal that Urban Meyer gave Kenny Guiton the nod to start at QB. Someone tell Kenny Guiton that he is the back up, because he’s certainly playing like QB1. He knows the offense inside and out, reads defenses like a book, distributes the ball with mathematical precision, is a captain and carried his team to victory for the second week in a row. Named the Walter Camp player of the week, Guiton went 21 for 32 passing, threw 4 touchdown passes including a 90 yard soul crushing bomb to Devin Smith, and rushed for a whopping 92 yards.
  • Not So Fast My Friend- OK Guiton was magical, wizard status magical but Braxton Miller is the starting quarterback for the Ohio State Football Buckeyes for a reason…several reasons.
  • Captain, My Captain: Braxton’s scrambling ability and speed alone would land him the starting spot under Meyer’s offense. But Braxton’s development as a pocket passer and his ability to read a defense has dramatically improved since last season. In Meyer’s press conference Monday, he mentioned that the staff was going to have a conversation about a possible two quarterback look going forward. I doubt a two quarterback situation will ever come into fruition with Braxton Miller in the fold. Read More

Ohio State News And Notes: Silver Bullet Points 9.10.13

Written September 10th, 2013 by Clair

Notes and thoughts as Ohio State wraps up the SDSU game and gets ready for Cal!

  • No Big Deal- The cross country trek and it’s possible challenges for the Buckeyes seems to be getting more press than it should. The Buckeyes will fly into Oakland Friday morning and will be fully rested, able bodied young men, ready to face Cal Saturday evening. We are still talking about finely tuned, Division 1 athletes, whom still attend college and may be accustomed to missing a few winks now and then. I guess that’s why Philly Brown talked about the trip to Cal as being a business trip for the team.
  • Day to Day- Two key injuries occurred during the SDSU game last Saturday: The obvious being Braxton Miller and secondly Adolphus Washington. According to Coach Meyer, Braxton will be a day to day assessment of a sprained MCL, and mentioned in his press conference earlier today that Miller seemed like he was really feeling the first 48 hours after his injury, and was a little stiff. Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is usually felt within the first 48 hours of an injury or major muscle break down event. Braxton, the trainers and coach Meyer will know more in the following days. Adolphus Washington suffered a groin injury during last weeks game as well and will also be a day to day decision as to whether or not he will start. Michael Bennett spoke on Monday about  his having a similar injury last year, and that rushing back is not the ideal to ensure complete healing. Read More

Ohio State News And Notes: Silver Bullet Points 9.3.13

Written September 3rd, 2013 by Clair

Thoughts wrapping up Game One and looking toward the Aztecs-

  • Buffalo Big Mack: Khalil Mack destroyed any doubt that he would be an NFL first rounder last Saturday after a stunning performance against Ohio State. Mack managed to make some very solid offensive tackles look silly and dominated Braxton Miller in a foot race to the end zone after picking off one of Miller’s passes. For his efforts, he was named the Mid-American Conference’s Defensive Player of the Week.

The One That Got Away

  • Johnny Hancock: Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel overshadowed his above average and much improved play with utter nonsense and a lack of class by flashing dollar signs and making an autograph pantomime to Rice’s defense Saturday. Urban Meyer was asked his thoughts on Johnny Football’s transgressions during Monday’s press conference. Surprisingly Meyer claimed that things get over blown these days and that he wished they (the media) would leave the kid alone. If I were a betting gal, I’d bet that if Braxton tried to pull something like that Meyer would have a different opinion. I’m sure a scathing review of Johnny Manziel by Urban Meyer would have fed the media machine for a week or two though. Read More

Ohio State News And Notes- Silver Bullet Points 8.27.13

Written August 27th, 2013 by Clair

This season, we’re trying to get you twice as much information as usual, with a Tuesday SBP following Monday’s presser and one just before gameday. Let’s go Bucks!!

  • Urban’s Presser: Urban Meyer’s first weekly press conference didn’t reveal the secrets to the cosmos but it did reveal his thoughts on depth, week one opponent Buffalo and the mentality of his football team.
  • Youth in Depth: Meyer is still doubtful about the cohesiveness of his linebacking core. The unit is still young in the depth chart and according to Meyer Curtis Grant is catching up after an injury during training camp. There’s a lot of speculation that Shazier will be named captain, as he’s known for flying around the ball and motivating team mates with his energy and tenacity. Leading the B1G Ten last season with 17 tackles for a loss and ranking top 10 in multiple categories nationally, Shazier will be crucial to the success of the young linebackers in this core. Curtis Grant and Josh Perry will see time at linebacker, but Grant’s lack of game-day experience and training camp injury keep him from being where the team would like.
  • Up Front: While the jury is still somewhat out, Coach Meyer said that he feels better about the depth in the offensive line than he previously did.
  • Sunny Side Up: Meyer was asked whether he thinks Braxton Miller will be the team’s leading rusher again this year; As you can imagine that was not his goal last year and replied with a resounding no for the same this year. Miller is by far the teams biggest play maker and most gifted athlete but according to Meyer most of Miller’s scrambling yards came from designed QB runs, not from an experienced scrambler. Meyer claims Miller’s pocket presence has improved including his ability to recognized a breakdown in the play and improvise when  the pocket collapses. Read More

Safety A Concern During NFL Clinic At Ohio State

Written August 2nd, 2013 by Clair

An insider’s look at yesterday’s clinic at the WHAC- Thanks, Clair!

image(3)Just three days before a very high profile camp began for the 2013 Buckeye Football season, Urban Meyer and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hosted the first annual Moms Football Safety Clinic.

In conjunction with Heads Up Football and USA Football the clinic was designed to inform mothers about proper tackling techniques, hydration awareness, concussion awareness, proper fitting equipment and how to be more involved in a child’s football experience. 

The Woody Hayes athletic center once again rolled out the red carpet for what Roger Goodell deemed, “the real decision makers”, Moms from every walk of life. A quick breakfast was served before the mothers were ushered to their seats to anxiously await their hosts.  

Urban Meyer welcomed the mothers with an anecdote from his own football parent experience and introduced his close friend NFL commission Roger Goodell. Goodell seemed gracious and quite serious about the subject of keeping young athletes safe and parents informed before the mothers were yet again whisked away. 

Split into groups, and feeling very much like freshman orientation we were sent to various stations within the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. My group of over achievers just happened to meet first in the newly refurbished meeting room where we were met by Head Athletic Trainer Doug Calland, a representative from the Korey Stringer Institute and one of Ohio States top Neurologists. Covering everything from hydration to heat exhaustion to concussion symptoms, all three experts left the mothers hopeful for the future of football and the safety of the game.  Read More

Making The Great State Of Ohio Fit

Written July 29th, 2013 by Clair

Ready for football season? Yeah, but are you in shape for gameday? Claire Crawford checks back in with a look at a member of Ohio State’s strength and conditioning staff, and his investment in helping all of the Buckeye State get in shape.

By the way, if you haven’t already, go check out Claire’s campaign to become the next Fox Sports Ohio Girl


Rain or shine there will be boot camp!

Saturday July, 20th Matt Miller of Complete Nutrition and Anthony Schlegel, assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Ohio State Football team hosted the Slim Down Columbus boot camp.  Leave it to a Marine and a former Buckeye linebacker to green light a boot camp in the middle of a thunderstorm. Leave it to me to be extraordinarily excited about doing boot camp in a thunderstorm.

Like lambs to slaughter boot campers of every fitness level gathered around Schlegel to receive an inspirational pep talk and a shot in the arm of confidence before, as Schlegel puts it, “Smashes our faces in”. Schlegel also outlined a few key principals that he tries to instill in his athletes. “Attitude and effort and crucial”,  Schlegel claims. “if you have a crappy attitude, your effort will reflect your attitude. If you have a great attitude your effort will also reflect that.”

Because I am a glutton for punishment and have a sick sense of “fun” I gazed, wide eyed, upon the make-shift gauntlet with great anticipation. Harnesses, ladders, tractor tires, 45 pound plates, ropes, and 6 ft resistance bands were strategically placed for the boot camp battle ground. Read More

2013 Ohio State Women’s Football Clinic

Written June 9th, 2013 by Clair

Our friend Clair participated in Saturday’s fantastic event at the WHAC; I guess when they put you on the poster, it’s kinda’ a required thing.  She’s been gracious to jot down her perspective on the experience- she’s more than just your average fan, as you’ll see.  Be sure to give her a follow on twitter and “like” her professional page on Facebook.



The second annual OSU Women’s Football Clinic proved to be a success yet again. Almost 300 additional women attended this year’s clinic, and with a shortened itinerary, it was a day stuffed full of Buckeye fun for a great cause, the James Cancer Research Hospital. The den of champions that is the Woody Hayes athletic facility housed the enthusiastic campers and truly is every Buckeye fantasy manifested into real life.

My story, however, started long before I attended the clinic. So many layers of my psyche were melded together to form my experience at the OSU Women’s Clinic on Saturday. I consider myself to be a football connoisseur. I know football. I play football and have for over ten years. I watch the sport with laser focus, follow recruiting, drafts, and believe NFL Sunday Ticket might just be the greatest invention ever.  All this being said, I have a special love for The Ohio State Buckeyes.  I’ll tangle with anyone on Buckeye Trivia past and present. I was born and raised a Buckeye, in the epicenter of Buckeye Mecca, Columbus, Ohio.  The history, the pageantry, the tradition and the domination is unmatched at The Ohio State University.

Being an athlete I have great appreciation for the dedication, mental strength and God given talent it takes to be part of such an elite program. As an NPC competitor, our diets are restrictive, our training is time consuming, andStab  our sport is very expensive. We often miss out on family functions and are alienated by loved ones. And I don’t have the NCAA, coaches, parents and boosters breathing down my neck and scanning my every move. The coaching staff at the clinic gave all the campers a miniscule peek into the reality that is the life of a student athlete.

And the last layer to form my experience was my connection to breast cancer research. My beautiful, talented and spunky grandmother Kathleen R. Jones was taken much too early from this earth from complications from breast cancer. Until the day the cure is found, I will continue to donate, to research and participate in these events that highlight the drive for the cure for breast cancer. The James Cancer Research Hospital was the beneficiary of the proceeds for this year’s clinic. The Buckeye Cruise for Cancer also had a strong presence at the camp with an ocean view room donated, then auctioned off live for over four thousand dollars. A silent auction was also very successful with the help of the Clinic’s sponsors. Read More