OSU Women’s Basketball Announces Full Schedule

As we reported previously, the Ohio State University women’s basketball team faces a ridiculously hard non-conference schedule that includes three of last year’s Final Four teams; when you add in the fact that they play Maryland during the conference season, that means the Buckeyes will face all four of last year’s finalists. Today Ohio State […]


Ohio State Places Highly in Latest Academic Rankings

Yesterday marked the first day of classes for the 2015-2016 school year at Ohio State and tens of thousands of students made their way to their first class with various levels of eagerness and excitement. Here at tBBC we tend to praise the achievements of the various athletic teams and discuss their rankings but with […]


TBDBITL Report: An Evening With Nellie’s Catwalk for Kids

Most Ohio State students spent last week enjoying their last days of freedom before classes start but the members of The Ohio State University Marching Band where not one of them. The marching band takes advantage of classes not being in session by having three practices a day, showing that Woody Hayes was on to […]


OSU To Allow Alcohol Sales at Football Games

Gene Smith, vice president and director of athletics, announced today that The Ohio State University will be starting a pilot program this fall to sell beer and wine in select locations in Ohio Stadium during OSU football games.  Before you crack open a bottle to celebrate this news, you should realize that it most likely […]


Neutron Man: A Real Superfan

Today John Chubb, better known to Ohio State fans as Buck-I-Guy, was inducted into ESPN’s Fan Hall of Fame.  This was apparently announced back in December but I missed it, probably because I try to avoid anything that has anything to do with Buck-I-Guy.  Anyone who has seen an OSU football game in recent years […]


TBDBITL Report: Congratulations to the 138th Edition of the OSUMB

Wednesday night, after two grueling days of tryouts, over 300 prospective band members gathered outside of Ohio Stadium to nervously await the announcement of the 138th edition of The Ohio State University Marching Band. The previous two days had seen those candidates sweating and pushing themselves to the limit as they marched and played in […]


TBDBITL Report: Time for Tryouts

It’s August now and that means football season is fast approaching and everyone is getting ready. The football team is reporting for training camp, fans are getting out their tailgate gear and The Ohio State University Marching Band is holding tryouts. Every year hundreds of eager candidates arrive on campus early to compete for one […]


TBDBITL Report: One Year After the Firing

Today marks the one year anniversary of Jonathan Waters being fired as director of the Ohio State University Marching Band as a result of a scandal around the band’s ‘sexualized culture’. The past year has seen the release of two investigative reports on the band’s culture, Waters filing a lawsuit against OSU, a search for […]


TBDBITL Headed to London!

(Note: We’ve been sitting on this information for about a month out of respect to our source on this) Cheerio! The Ohio State University Marching Band has performed in pretty much every corner of the continental United State during its long and storied history but one thing it has never done is perform outside of […]


TBDBITL Report: Alumni Band Performs in France

During my years in the Ohio State University Marching Band and the OSUMB Alumni Band, I have grown used to people complementing our performance and thanking us for performing wherever it was. I would always smile, politely respond to the complements and savor them a bit because of course I was proud of being in […]


TBDBITL Report: Alumni Band Headed To Normandy

In his weekly Sunday columns, Ken has been updating us on events that happened 100 years ago in World War I; this has been a great, informative series about a war that most Americans know little about. Ken will keep updating us on the important events of that war but a major anniversary from a […]


TBDBITL Report: Dr. Chris Hoch Named Interim Director

The search for the new director of the Ohio State University Marching Band has been one of the most publicly followed job searches in OSU history, receiving a level of media attention normally only reserved for sports coaches or the university president. The university issued a call for applications last fall and in April they […]


Buckeye Teams Head Into the Postseason

It’s May and that means that the weather is warming up, universities are wrapping up for the year, and the last college sports hurrah of the year comes in the form of the NCAA tournaments for the spring sports. As Ken reported yesterday, the Ohio State men’s golf team will be heading off to New […]


Officially Speaking: Shorter Shot Clock Looms

As we all know, sports fans love to complain about, well, everything. One of the most common complaints concerns the style of play in games and the fouls/penalties that are called. In what would probably surprise many fans, the NCAA does seem to listen to those complaints and often makes rules changes, tweaks, or issues […]


Athletic Band Rocks at Spring Game

More than 99,000 fans attended Saturday’s annual spring scrimmage by the Ohio State football team. While it wasn’t a real football game, most of the elements of a typical fall Saturday in the Shoe were present: the team, the cheerleaders, and a band. Many in attendance may have noticed that the band they saw at […]

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Ohio State

TBDBITL Report: Both Finalists for Director Position Withdraw Their Names

Recently we reported that Ohio State had invited two finalists for the position of Ohio State University Marching Band Director, Dr. Corey Spurlin of Auburn and Professor Barry Houser from Illinois, to visit campus. Last week it was revealed that Professor Houser had chosen to stay at Illinois and had withdrawn his name from consideration. […]


Should Officials Have Played The Sport?

Last week the NFL announced the hiring of nine new officials for the 2015 season. The NFL hires a few new officials each year and normally the announcement is ignored by pretty much everyone but this year’s announcement drew a lot of attention because the list of new hires included Sarah Thomas who will become […]


Officially Speaking: Final Four

With the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments done and the champions crowned, basketball season is now over and thus it is time for our last basketball Officially Speaking for the season. There were certainly a number of controversial calls in the Wisconsin-Duke title game but most of them were block/charge calls which we have […]


TBDBITL Report: Second Finalist for Director Position to Visit Campus

Last week we reported that two finalists for the position of Ohio State University Marching Band director had been invited to visit campus. In that article we reported that the first finalist to visit was Dr. Corey Spurlin who currently is the director of the Auburn University Marching band; Dr. Spurlin was on campus last […]