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Officially Speaking: Official vs Coach

This week’s edition of Officially Speaking comes from last Saturday’s Oklahoma State at Texas game. We are all used to seeing coaches yell at officials and even occasionally draw a penalty for it; though this is much rarer in football than in basketball. However Saturday’s interaction between Texas coach Charlie Strong and an official was […]


TBDBITL Report: The Greatest Show on Turf

Saturday’s game against Western Michigan marked the fourth game in as many weeks for both the football team and The Ohio State University Marching Band. While the band did spend time getting ahead on learning shows before the start of the season, having only a week between new shows poses a challenge when your shows […]

La Monroe Auburn Football

Officially Speaking: Roughing and Targeting

This week’s edition of officially speaking features three plays that cover a couple different rules. As always, our group of high school and college officials weigh in on the plays and the applicable rules as well as the mechanics of officiating. Roughing the Kicker First up is a play from the Oregon State at Michigan […]


TBDBITL Report: Nobody Does It Better

While the football game against Northern Illinois was ugly, The Ohio State University Marching Band proved that the one thing you can always count on at Ohio Stadium is a great performance by the band. After sharing the field with the marching band alumni last week, the spotlight was solely on TBDBITL this week and […]

La Monroe Auburn Football

Officially Speaking: To Clap or Not To Clap

Most Ohio State fans are aware that the OSU quarterback signals for the snap by clapping. This technique is much more effective than shouting, especially when in the shotgun in a hostile environment. Opposing defenses are also very aware of this but have never really done anything about it until this past weekend. Observant fans […]


TBDBITL Report: Band Marches On Despite Tragedy

Alumni band weekend at Ohio State is normally a joyous event as hundreds of alumni of The Ohio State University Marching Band, ranging in age from early 20s to late 90s, journey back to Columbus for the chance to march down the ramp and perform in Ohio Stadium “one more time”. Why do all of […]


Former TBDBITL Director Dr. Jon Woods Passes Away

Yesterday Buckeye Nation lost a great man as Dr. Jon Woods, former director of The Ohio State University Marching Band, passed away. Dr. Woods was director of the marching band from 1984 to 2012 and is survived by his wife, Donna, a son, Stephen, and a daughter, Victoria; he was preceded in death by his […]


TBDBITL Report: Beethoven in Blacksburg

Road games are always a fun experience for The Ohio State Marching Band as members get to visit a new stadium, meet members of another band, perform in front of a crowd that may have never seen them before, and of course watch and cheer on the Buckeyes. These trips always come with challenges due […]


TBDBITL Report: A Busy First Week of School

The first week of class can be relatively easy for many students, with professors spending time going over syllabi and giving students more time to get books, while other students are thrown right into it. For the members of The Ohio State University Marching Band, the latter was definitely true. The band helped the new […]


OSU Women’s Basketball Announces Full Schedule

As we reported previously, the Ohio State University women’s basketball team faces a ridiculously hard non-conference schedule that includes three of last year’s Final Four teams; when you add in the fact that they play Maryland during the conference season, that means the Buckeyes will face all four of last year’s finalists. Today Ohio State […]


Ohio State Places Highly in Latest Academic Rankings

Yesterday marked the first day of classes for the 2015-2016 school year at Ohio State and tens of thousands of students made their way to their first class with various levels of eagerness and excitement. Here at tBBC we tend to praise the achievements of the various athletic teams and discuss their rankings but with […]


TBDBITL Report: An Evening With Nellie’s Catwalk for Kids

Most Ohio State students spent last week enjoying their last days of freedom before classes start but the members of The Ohio State University Marching Band where not one of them. The marching band takes advantage of classes not being in session by having three practices a day, showing that Woody Hayes was on to […]


OSU To Allow Alcohol Sales at Football Games

Gene Smith, vice president and director of athletics, announced today that The Ohio State University will be starting a pilot program this fall to sell beer and wine in select locations in Ohio Stadium during OSU football games.  Before you crack open a bottle to celebrate this news, you should realize that it most likely […]


Neutron Man: A Real Superfan

Today John Chubb, better known to Ohio State fans as Buck-I-Guy, was inducted into ESPN’s Fan Hall of Fame.  This was apparently announced back in December but I missed it, probably because I try to avoid anything that has anything to do with Buck-I-Guy.  Anyone who has seen an OSU football game in recent years […]


TBDBITL Report: Congratulations to the 138th Edition of the OSUMB

Wednesday night, after two grueling days of tryouts, over 300 prospective band members gathered outside of Ohio Stadium to nervously await the announcement of the 138th edition of The Ohio State University Marching Band. The previous two days had seen those candidates sweating and pushing themselves to the limit as they marched and played in […]


TBDBITL Report: Time for Tryouts

It’s August now and that means football season is fast approaching and everyone is getting ready. The football team is reporting for training camp, fans are getting out their tailgate gear and The Ohio State University Marching Band is holding tryouts. Every year hundreds of eager candidates arrive on campus early to compete for one […]


TBDBITL Report: One Year After the Firing

Today marks the one year anniversary of Jonathan Waters being fired as director of the Ohio State University Marching Band as a result of a scandal around the band’s ‘sexualized culture’. The past year has seen the release of two investigative reports on the band’s culture, Waters filing a lawsuit against OSU, a search for […]


TBDBITL Headed to London!

(Note: We’ve been sitting on this information for about a month out of respect to our source on this) Cheerio! The Ohio State University Marching Band has performed in pretty much every corner of the continental United State during its long and storied history but one thing it has never done is perform outside of […]


TBDBITL Report: Alumni Band Performs in France

During my years in the Ohio State University Marching Band and the OSUMB Alumni Band, I have grown used to people complementing our performance and thanking us for performing wherever it was. I would always smile, politely respond to the complements and savor them a bit because of course I was proud of being in […]


TBDBITL Report: Alumni Band Headed To Normandy

In his weekly Sunday columns, Ken has been updating us on events that happened 100 years ago in World War I; this has been a great, informative series about a war that most Americans know little about. Ken will keep updating us on the important events of that war but a major anniversary from a […]