Wednesday Night Rumble: Speed Spread

Written September 18th, 2013 by Jason

The Buckeyes took their show out west and came away with a convincing win over the California Golden Bears. Kenny Guiton had a whale of a game through the air along with he and the Buckeye running backs chewing up big gain after big gain on the ground. The Silver Bullets played reasonably well considering the attack that Cal brings offensively. We’ll talk about it all and look ahead to the Florida A&M Rattlers. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Smooth Jazz

Kenny Guiton and the boys are fired up

Kenny Guiton and the boys are fired up

What can I honestly say about Kenny Guiton that hasn’t already been said? We learned about an hour before kickoff that he would start the game and that Braxton Miller was a scratch, dressing in street clothes. The week long starter question had been answered and now we were about to see how Guiton would respond. When you add in that it is on the road against a PAC-12 opponent, we were looking at really good barometer on where we stand should Miller need to come out of a game later in the season or have to miss one. Kenny didn’t disappoint.

What I am happiest about is that after the fact there really are no questions to be asked. Saturday brought about a rather simple conclusion: Yes, Kenny Guiton can play and can be counted on if needed in a pinch, which we knew, and now we know he can pick up the reigns and lead the troops if called on to start.  It makes me happy because let’s be honest, the worst thing that could have happened would have been to wake up Sunday morning still not sure if Guiton can fill the role of starter. Ok, so it would have been worse to wake up Sunday and know undoubtedly that he couldn’t do the job, but you get my point.

How about the actual play?

I like Guiton’s game, and we finally now know what his game is: Braxton Miller Lite. I loved his touch the early touchdown throws. His decision making on whether to keep the ball or take it from the back was excellent all night. He seems to have pretty good vision in picking lanes and watching the defense react to his movements then capitalizing off them. He runs hard, too. Charles Davis brought that up a few times during the television broadcast and I thought he was spot-on. Guiton is no pushover at the point of collision.

Maybe the only real question about his performance that I have is his accuracy. Now, I mentioned above how he was putting great touch on the ball early. He was leading his receivers almost perfectly. But as the game wore on, that came and went. Maybe it was just mental fatigue from the overwhelming nature of the situation and some throws just got away from him. Maybe he got lucky on the early throws. The only way to really know is to have him start more games.

Who gets the call this week? Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Going Back to Cali

Written September 11th, 2013 by Jason

Before we even get started…


To the football…

The Buckeyes wrapped up another win on Saturday at Ohio Stadium against San Diego State to run their nations best streak to 14 games and 2-0 on the 2013 season. However, despite the relative ease on the scoreboard it was not without some tense moments and left plenty for us to talk about. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Not where we want to see #5

Not where we want to see #5

Braxton down

With complete certainty I can say that the most talked about thing to happen in the San Diego State game was when Braxton Miller went down early in the first quarter with a knee injury. Urban Meyer said that Miller is day to day in evaluation as to if he will play out in Berkeley this weekend against California. The dept chart released on Tuesday lists Miller as the starter.

In total honesty, that was a scary injury. It didn’t look as brutal as the slam to the turf against Purdue last year, but on replay it looked as though he could have sustained any of a multitude of injuries from knee problems to neck or head injuries.We all love that Braxton Miller plays the game fearless, but is it time for him to start thinking of the greater good and maybe trying to stay out of these particularly tight situations? Of course, the player is going to react and do what comes naturally. Is it imperative that the coaching staff, at least in these next two weeks leading into the Big Ten opener at home against Wisconsin, take it upon themselves to keep their star out of harms way?

I want to know what you think. In the comments section below, tell me if you think Urban and company should limit Braxton Miller’s potential for contact or if they should keep things as they are and let the kid play how he plays? Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Afternoon Delight

Written September 4th, 2013 by Jason

Week one is in the books and the Buckeyes are 1-0. As is typical of Buckeye Nation, there is a lot of overreaction to just how that first win managed to come about, both positively and negatively. We’ll look back at Buffalo and ahead to the San Diego State Aztecs. So without further ado, it’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Buffalo Soldiers

I have to admit, the Bulls were a little better than myself or likely any of you were willing to give them credit for prior to the game. We all threw out our fake cautious “They’re on scholarships too…” and “Any given Saturday…” and “If the Buckeyes aren’t ready…” mumbo jumbo but there isn’t one of us who truly thought Buffalo would give the Buckeyes are game let alone stand a shot at winning.

The  Bulls were worthy opponents

The Bulls were worthy opponents

I’m not saying that they ever actually did have a shot at winning during the game itself, what I am saying is they didn’t back down, fold up the tents, collect their paycheck and get their hind quarters out of Ohio as easily as everyone thought they would and should be commended for it.

Getting ready for the Aztecs

By now you’ve all no doubt discussed till you were blue in the face the things you liked on Saturday and the improvements you want to see this week. I’m here to tell you that San Diego State, while on scholarship, on any given Saturday, and if the Buckeyes aren’t ready, still have absolutely no shot this week in Columbus.

The Aztecs dropped their home opener 40-19… to Eastern Illinois. Yikes!

Based on what I have read about them and their ridiculous loss last week compounded by Ohio State not looking sharp at times in their own home opener and having to suffer Urban Meyer’s wrath this week, Brady Hoke’s former team should be decimated in Ohio Stadium. Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: GAME WEEK!

Written August 28th, 2013 by Jason

We did it! We made it! We trudged through the winter, hammered through the spring and waded our way through the majority of summer and we have finally come to it: Football is upon us. While we yearn for the cool fall nights and big time matchups that come with October, November and now December games, we’re more than happy to welcome in 80+ degree temps for a few weeks and sweat through the opening weekends of college football. Despite the worthiness of opponents, these are meaningful games that count in the standings and they begin on Saturday. But for now it’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Customs and traditions

This guy is on top of things. Will you be ready on Saturday?

This guy is on top of things. Will you be ready on Saturday?

Are you ready? No, I mean are you really ready for it? Did you spend last weekend or the early part of this week getting the necessities for your opening weekend prepped, planned and bought? Or are you one of those “last minute” folks that will wait until Thursday or (good Lord!) Friday evening to have the ship ready to sail?

What am I talking about? Well, I have a checklist that is broken down into two separate checklists.

Checklist 1: The week before

This list contains mostly paraphernalia and the like. It includes making sure that not only is the Buckeye flag that fly’s year round on the porch standing with perfection but adding the “in season” flag. The week before checklist reminds me that I have to make sure and dig out any gear that has been stored away for superstition purposes that can only be wore on game days and make sure that it is properly cleaned (or in some cases it is blasphemous to even consider cleaning it) and ready for use.

It reminds me to make sure all Buckeye blankets are properly placed throughout the house. It’s my list not yours.

Checklist 1 also brings attention to travel needs for road trips whether they be to the Olentangy River Road parking lots or to some venomous away stadium. Is the portable grille’s propane tank full and is there a backup? Are the drink and food coolers cleaned? You don’t want to have to deal with this stuff during game week. Get it done early, ergo checklist 1. Read More

Wednesday MORNING Rumble: 10 days!

Written August 21st, 2013 by Jason

We are 10 days away from kickoff in Ohio Stadium! Can you feel it?! The excitement is real and the anticipation is high for 2013. Let’s take a look at the few things we’ve gathered from practices since we last met and finish our look at the college football schedule from a national perspective as we look at November and December. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

What we know

1.       Suspensions

After a quiet spring and early summer, the suspension total from off-field shenanigans added up pretty fast. As it stands currently: Carlos Hyde will miss 3 games, Bradley Roby a minimum of 1 with potential for more to be added, Rod Smith will miss the opener while Najee Murray and Marcus Baugh are out indefinitely.

Rod Smith: Out for the opener

Rod Smith: Out for the opener

The one with the most to lose, in my humble opinion, has to be Rod Smith. Compliments of the stupidity of Hyde not walking away from an enraged “woo girl” at a club, Smith was going to be given the chance to see a starters share of the carries in the opener against Buffalo. There’s no question that Urban Meyer wants to move Jordan Hall all over the field, thus giving Smith plenty of opportunity to tote the rock.

Who knows, if he holds onto the ball showing he’s overcome the little bit of “fumble-itis” he showed last season and chews up 100 yard games in the first three, maybe he makes it very tough for them to take the ball out of his hands and just give the lion share of the load to El Guapo? It’s certainly possible. Instead he’ll have to watch as Bri’ontee Dunn or Warren Ball get those carries and get quality game reps. Now he has to convince Meyer and his staff that they should take the ball out of the hands of Dunn or Ball and give it to him. And if either of those two, or both, look good in the opener, why should they hand Rod Smith the keys to the Porsche especially knowing that one of the offenses leaders is returning two weeks later? Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Previews everywhere!

Written August 14th, 2013 by Jason

We’re a few days shy of two weeks until the Buckeyes kick off 2013 in Ohio Stadium against the Buffalo Bulls. I’ve got some thoughts on the news coming out of camp and we’ll continue looking ahead at 2013’s slate of games around the country and take a focused look at the month of October. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Camp notes

I mentioned last week that it is tough to report on camp when you’re not there watching it firsthand. I scour the Buckeye Nation blog sites (especially this one!) along with the major Ohio newspapers for stories on what is happening at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Here’s what has jumped out at me.

Camp Meyer, year 2 rolls on

Camp Meyer, year 2 rolls on


It came to light on Sunday that five freshman had already had their black stripes removed from their helmet: Walk-on wide receiver Joe Ramstetter along with Dontre Wilson, Ezekial Elliot, Mike Mitchell and Joey Bosa.

I think we all expected Wilson and Elliot to lose the stripes early in camp. Jalin Marshall and Vonn Bell shouldn’t be far behind. Bosa and Mitchell make me the happiest, especially Mitchell. The Buckeyes are thin at linebacker and even thinner at quality linebackers. Hearing that a highly regarded freshman is already making a name for himself is exactly what the Silver Bullets need.

Defensive depth chart

Joel Hale and Michael Bennett are the current starters on the interior of the defensive line with Adolphus Washington and Noah Spence on the outside. Tommy Schutt, per Urban Meyer’s depth chart press conference, is pushing Bennett and Hale for all their worth. I realize guys like John Simon, Jonathan Hankins and Nathan Williams are hard to replace. Putting it simply, this is not a bad start. Not bad at all! Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Pictures and Leaders

Written August 7th, 2013 by Jason

And so it has begun! The 2013 football season is underway as camp has officially opened and the Buckeyes are back to work. A few things I’m looking for, some news on “Johnny Football” and we won’t stop there! It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!


On Sunday afternoon all of the Buckeye blog sites began posting their “check in” photos of the football players unloading their cars or being dropped off at The Blackwell (I don’t care what it’s called now, it’s still The Blackwell) hotel where the program sets up shop for the month of August to train and prepare for the season. The BBC was no different. We see kids coming in with big screen TV’s, Playstation, X-Box, even an occasional book.

What I don’t understand is: Why are we so fascinated with this? And I use the word “we” inclusive of myself because I’m the same way. I wait for it every year and around the end of July/early August I’m looking for the “check in” photos to be posted. I did it this past Sunday.

Chris Carter arriving at camp

Chris Carter arriving at camp

Let me ask you this: Is there something we are looking for? Do we feel like seeing them in street clothes will give us some kind of indicator as to how much work they put in during the offseason? Who looks slimmer, who looks more muscular, “He looks fast!” kind of stuff?

I don’t ask these questions in an accusatory tone. I promise. Like I said, I do it too. When I sat back and thought about it, it made wonder “what is so fascinating about college kids carrying stuff into a hotel?” And I laughed a little bit.

I will say this: Based on the pictures I’ve seen, Chris Carter looks slimmer, more muscular and a LOT faster!

Emergence of a leader

It’s tough for me to say that there is something I’ll be following as camp opens up since I don’t actually get to see anything other than clips from local media outlets that have access to practices. And even if The BBC was worthy (which it is and we should be given) of press access, it’s not like I live in Columbus and could go and see for myself anyways. So I find it hard to write “what’s happening” type pieces that so many other sites with the same access as us seem to write. In all actuality, and I made this clear in the spring, there are things I’ll be hoping to read about from those that do have access. So, anyways, now that I’ve confused you all… Read More

Wednesday Morning Rumble: Video Proof

Written July 31st, 2013 by Jason

Now that the world has seen it, the debate beings: What is to come of the fate of Carlos Hyde? You may be surprised at my reaction. Then again, maybe not because it involves common sense. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

The Decision (bad topic heading)

It’s stupid that this has to be said, but I feel I’d better put it out there anyway. Neither I nor anyone here at The BBC is an advocate of hitting a woman. Unless your life is at risk of ending, you just don’t do it. Ok, let’s move on…

By the time you read this, Urban Meyer may have already announced his decision regarding Hyde’s current suspension and how much time he will end up serving away from the program (Ed- yup.). Let’s review the facts and draw a conclusion.

El Guapo smashing TTUN in 2012

El Guapo smashing TTUN in 2012

One and a half weeks ago word leaked that a Buckeye football player was in serious trouble for something he did that most would consider nearly unforgivable. Rumors go wild and a day later it is announced that Carlos Hyde has been suspended indefinitely due to his involvement in an incident at an Ohio State night club.

As days go by, the story goes from extraordinarily bad all the way to being of the “no big deal” variety until Yahoo! Sports releases a story saying that there is surveillance video from the club that shows Hyde is in fact innocent of the charges being placed on him by the general public, the national media and Buckeye haters all over the globe. Never mind that the Columbus Police Department has said there is an investigation but no formal charges filed.

At the close of last week, some lady who is a reporter in Columbus (that’s how much she matters to me and that goes for her station too) is given a private viewing of the video to “set the record straight” about what is actually on it and to try and dispel some of the outrageous rumors going around the internet. She claims it is apparent from her viewing that the alleged “victim” begins to slap El Guapo, who then raises his hands to defend himself and begins to walk away only to come back up on to the dance floor stage and definitely “make contact” in a “slap” or something of that nature to the girl. Read More