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TBBC Fans Interact: Thoughts On Indiana Hoosiers

Huge shout-out to  @mmeals  @micahmike33 qstorm@ – Really the same problem that seems to have plagued the offense all season so far:  Execution and play-calling.  First of all let me preface that I am a big Urban fan and trust him very much so; my thoughts and opinions are strictly from a fan perspective as an outsider looking in. […]

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Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin': Indiana Hoosiers

Seems like every other week we have a different situation to discuss as teams bring their best to the table against the Buckeyes. The Indiana Hoosiers have a viable football program now thanks to Kevin Wilson and staff and gave the Buckeyes another near nightmare. Let’s get rollin’ with the very, very, very good on […]


TBBC Awards: Indiana Hoosiers

First, lets give credit where it’s due. Hat is off to Indiana for a great game-plan and Kevin Wilson for putting the program on the map. They appear to be defending their territory better and it’s not quite the Shoe of the West anymore. For three of the five weeks we have had these, the […]

of the Ohio State Buckeyes against the Indiana Hoosiers at Memorial Stadium on October 3, 2015 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Buckeyes Survive Another Near Nightmare In Bloomington

1st Quarter A very game Indiana squad opened the game with high intensity and stopped the Buckeyes dead in their tracks on the first three and out series. The Hoosiers didn’t have much success themselves on offense early. Then they found the hole they needed with a long pass play to their TE and settled […]


TBBC Friday Night Slights

Sometimes I have my moments where I have a brainstorm and come up with a great idea for an article and then there’s those moments where it was just blind stinking luck! I typed Friday Night’s Lights in a tweet to a buddy of mine and misspelled it and eureka!!! As the season goes I […]


TBBC Fans Interact: Thoughts On Western TTUN

Each week I will hit up some fans and ask them their thoughts on the past weekend’s game for the Buckeyes. This week we welcome our friends from twitter Melissa @buckeyegirl1331, Eric @the_1st_mimzee  and

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Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin': Western TTUN

It might have exorcised some demons but clearly did not get all of them as this week’s good, bad, and ugly will show! Saturday’s match up with Western Michigan was one of those games where you honestly knew that the offense would step up, and were probably surprised at the issues with the run defense. Let’s […]



The line for the spots on the Buckeye Bridge wasn’t quite as long this week as it was the week before. What I mean is there was a considerable fewer number of Buckeye fans who wanted to be done with being a fan, it’s too much for their old ticker! I have to say there […]

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Shoe, Northern Illinois comes to town and puts the scare of a lifetime into Buckeye fans and exposes a few serious issues right now. One may be resolved and the other? Sadly, the staff issue won’t fix itself overnight, but hopefully the woeful […]

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 06:  A detail view of the helmet of Cameron Johnston #95 of the Ohio State Buckeyes as he attends warm ups before the Big Ten Championship against the Wisconsin Badgers at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 6, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Why Isn’t Ohio State’s Offensive Staff Meshing?

There have been so many opinions thrown out there about why things are wrong with the offense early in the season and eventually I will get to the stats because they don’t lie. What’s important to remember here is that through the first three games there’s a difference in the total offensive yards by 150 […]



The #1 Buckeyes (3-0, 0-0) host the MAC’s Western Xichigan Broncos (1-2, 0-0) this Saturday at 3:30 PM in The Shoe. The game becomes the watermark leading up to the contest with now #2 Sparty (won 37-24 on 9/4) on November 21st. If the Buckeyes haven’t righted the ship by this weekend, they could lose […]



These have not been very fun times for most of us trying to figure out what the heck the Buckeyes are doing through the first three weeks of the season, mostly after Va Tech though. One thing is for sure, the Silver Bullets are back with a vengeance and I suspect most of the staff […]

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Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin': Post Hawaii

One of the neatest things that I captured on Saturday was a video of some of the Warrior’s Haka dance they do in their pre-games. The amazing thing about it and I am not sure if they took offense to it was that the Buckeyes and student section began their quick cals chant right after. […]



I honestly may as well go ahead and make the title of this every week, “Patrick thinks Dontre needs to improve!” other than that answer each week, there are a few that may surprise TBBC readership this week.   Offensive tOSU Offensive MVP   MDotySr – Elliott with the TD’s and big blocks that need […]

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TBBC Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin': Post Virginia Tech

I almost always get the three of these fed to me like a lobbed ball in slow pitch, and this week was no different even though I struggled a little bit with the ugly. Let’s get rolling with the good that may be around every week this season. Rumblin’ Everybody and their brother, heck, even […]



The awards may have been obvious to you and sometimes Patrick changes his mind about who needs improvement(not) and mostly he never does. Didn’t have time with the quick turn-around to include #TBBCFansInteract but will make sure it happens next week! Offensive tOSU Offensive MVP MDotySr – Braxton Miller Jason – Braxton Miller Joe – […]

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Rumblin’ Stumblin’ Bumblin': Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech

In what is sure to be one of the longest weekends ever for Buckeye fans there will be plenty to talk about. I am not one to beat a dead dog so there will be no mentions of fans in this article which I believe will be a first! In all honesty, RSB was intended to be […]



The BBC Awards returns for football season and the gang takes a look at who they predict to be on top for the season and still standing at the end! Awards will be back every Tuesday after each and every Buckeye game. Let’s look at what the staff thinks.   Offensive tOSU Offensive MVP – […]



We here at the BBC love to do roundtables and there’s none better than ones about Buckeye’s football! I got the gang together to discuss expectations and mostly around things in general, and then specifically about the QB’s. There seems to be a growing sentiment that JT Barrett will win the job again based on […]


Women’s Basketball Enjoys Brazil

Head Coach Kevin McGuff and staff took the Buckeyes on a whirlwind tour of Brazil and it all began on August 7th. They began the trip in  Sao Paulo where they visited the Ohio State Brazil Gateway, which is led by director and 2010 Ohio state graduate Luke Barbara. Called the Ohio State Embassy of […]