Shots From the Shoe: FAMU

Written September 22nd, 2013 by WVaBuckeye
Win the toss, three and out. Long day

Win the toss, three and out. Long day

I like noon games about half as much as Coach Meyer does, which seems to be none at all! First and foremost it is probably very difficult to get up and get prepared for a noon game, even at home in #TheShoe, but the fans have issues as well. Most of the tailgating on the day lasted longer than the game itself and most fans came late and left early.

About the only thing that went right for FAMU was the coin toss. They called it and won and chose to receive the football. I am guessing they maybe thought momentum was on their side after this monumental victory.

As everybody knows, the game was a blow out from the start and the “ol right hander” stole the show yet again by setting a new school record for TD passes in a game with six.

Kenny Guiton took the opportunity to hone up on his targeting skills and even found a wide open(by 90 yards one fan tweeted) Evan Spencer in the back of the end zone.

While the fans were leaving and headed back to their tailgating, TBDBITL took the opportunity to hone up on their swag skills. Read More

Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: Cal Eve

Written September 13th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

The more and more I do #tBBCFansInteract , the more I love RSB on Friday nights. Most of the time it seems that I get my ideas from those results and my attention is taken to other places reading fans tweets. So, in essence, the fans are writing these articles for me. Let’s get started with the easiest Runmblin yet.


Kenny G on the move

Kenny G earning his time

To say Kenny Guiton is growing on us would be like saying Joey Bosa is just a “role” player on the defensive line.

Both statements are false because Kenny G, “The ‘ol right hander”, has burst onto the scene as a play-making back-up QB that is earning his right on the field. Everybody can think and say what they like, but everyone that has witnessed what he did at Purdue last year, got their question answered last weekend.

This kid is the real deal.

In our limited series of #tBBCFansInteract, there has a been a broad idea of top plays, offensive MVP and the new favorite play. Last weekend Kenny G took home the top prize in all three categories by a landslide. What most fans are really just learning about the mild-mannered back-up, is that he is a student of the game. The biggest part of his preparation is mental.

While Braxton Miller is taking reps as the number 1 QB, Kenny has a clipboard in hand — taking mental reps along with him.

My favorite piece of info that came out this past week is how much of a trash talker he is with his defensive teammates. Several of them have mentioned they have no problem with him challenging them because it helps them step up their game.

At a time when nobody even dreamt about a QB controversy in Columbus, the thought is in the back of at least some fans’ minds. I wont say that hes a better QB than Braxton Miller, but I will say that it appears our big-hearted, tough star, may have issues with staying healthy.

Kenny Guiton would start at a lot of other schools around the country, and he’s getting a great opportunity to prove his worth. Only time will tell, if this Buckeye team will need him as the starting QB . I for one am confident in his abilities to run that offense and make things happen in Braxton Miller’s absence. This Saturday could be a much needed and better test of his leadership abilities.

We shall see indeed if Kenny G can continue to rumble. Read More

tBBC Fans Interact: SDSU

Written September 11th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye
Come out and meet some former Buckeyes and boo the refs

Pay It Forward

Week two of tBBC Fans Interact, and what a difference a week makes! It appears the Buckeyes will have many choices for their picks each week and the ” ‘ol right hander” made it real easy for most.

Huge shout-out and thank you to Roy Hall for being our special guest this week. One of my favorite charities to help is his DRIVEN Foundation, so please go help them out, and become a part of the #DRIVENOffensiveLine like me. Gary and I and a few of our friends will be officiating “Cancer is ScUM” on October 5th at Bloom Carroll high school. Several former Buckeyes will be playing, so it’s a great opportunity to meet them and boo the ref’s!
Their impact on communities is becoming boundless. They recently lost a benefactor of one of their events, Ballin’ for Boston Charity Basketball, four-year-old Boston passed away a week after the event. His passing has effected many people and reminds us to keep going. Do your part to help whoever you can, whenever you can. DRIVEN is making a profound impact on the community and you can help, it’s that easy. Be sure to vote for the in the Miles of Smiles campaign as well.
Lets see what Roy had to say!
Roy Hall and co-founder Antonio Smith at one of DRIVENs many summer events for kids

Roy Hall and co-founder Antonio Smith at one of DRIVENs many summer events for kids

#SDSUTopPlay We knew Braxton ”#Xbrax360″ Miller could run, but watching KG bolt to the end-zone on a 44 yrds run was Saturday’s Top play!

#SDSUOMVP Kenny Guiton’s performance was smooth, calm and confidence building! I don’t call him PEANUT BUTTER BABY BOTTOM for nothing! #PBBB

#SDSUFAV PlayGreat receivers are judged by how they catch the ball in traffic! Phily Brown made a spectacular catch in the 3rd qtr over two defenders!

#SDSUDMVP I don’t watch the defensive line as much as I should but this week Michael Bennett had a monster game!

#SDSUSTMVP Drew Basil! Why? He was 6/6 on PAT’s and had excellent placement on kickoffs. Plus, 2 weeks ago he blocked for KG on a 2-point play! #VERSATILITY

#SDSUOUnsung Jack Mewhort helped keep Kenny G off of his back this week and because of the great protection allowed KG to lead us to victory.

#SDSUDUnsung Leadership can’t always be seen but having Bradley roby on the field added a much needed edge and attitude to the defense!

#SDSUMorePT I would like to see Chris Fields get a few more touches this week. 2 TD’s in the opener and 0 catches last week.

Big thank you to all who participated this week, we look forward to tBBC Fans Interact growing into a full time occurrence. Thanks to you we will use it for many Buckeye events!!! How close did our fans come to Roy’s choices? Read More

Shots From The Shoe: SDSU

Written September 8th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye
Juice, Juice, Juice Thank you Mekka!

Juice, Juice, Juice
Thank you Mekka!

On gamedays, many fans don’t get the full experience around the stadium and actually in the crowd. So, I started this feature a couple years ago and enjoyed doing it in an independent blog before joining tBBC to give readers a taste of Columbus Saturdays

It really never gets boring because there is always some good things to talk about and/or take pics of. As my good friend Gary eluded to yesterday, I may have been lazy, until I heard the #Juice

Most games have a lot of exciting things going on to keep peoples attention during tailgating and whatever may be taking place inside the stadium before the gates open. Yesterday was no such day. Due to a very late arriving tailgating and attending the game crowd I will just bore you with what I saw and remembered to take a pic of with my trusty iPhone.

The day started off great getting to walk up and spend some time at the DRIVEN tent talking to Roy Hall and Josselyn Temko at their fancy new digs reminded me its time to get back into the groove of doing our part to help out. Roy’s organization is one of the fastest growing and most helpful I’ve been involved in. Please do your part, become a part of the Impact Team  and visit DRIVEN and do what you can. Read More

Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: SDSU Eve

Written September 6th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

When I first mentioned doing this article and having it every week on game eve, I was truly worried whether or not I would have enough material. The truth is, there’s plenty from around the sporting world to fill the good, the bad, and the ugly up to the rim. Let’s get started with the first easy part.


Everybody is talking about Jordan Hall’s game and in our first effort to get the fan’s involved with tBBC Fans Interact:Buffalo he was the Unanimous choice for #BufOMVP 11-1 over QB Braxton Miller. His first long TD run was ton’s of fans favorites as well for #BufTopPlay. Hall was rumblin to the tune of 21 carries for 159 yards and two TD’s.

What I am surprised nobody is mentioning, unless I have missed it this past week, is what that performance really means to the career of Jordan Hall at Ohio State. In one game, and bear in mind he has been snake bit the entire time he has been here, he almost topped his totals in three of his other seasons.

Unanimous #BufOMVP and off to the races

Unanimous #BufOMVP and off to the races

2013 21 159 7.6 49 2 3 14 4.7 11 0
2012 40 218 5.5 15 1 3 31 10.3 14 0
2011 99 405 4.1 25 2 12 114 9.5 38 3
2010 37 161 4.4 16 2 8 83 10.4 25 1
2009 48 248 5.2 39 1 1 5 5.0 5 0

Look closely and you will see that in one fell swoop he set his new career longest run from scrimmage(49); scored as many TD’s(2) as he had in any previous season total, and set the tone for how valuable he will be this season catching the football(3/14 in tough spots). Granted, he will need alot more carries to surpass 99 in a season, which he will do regardless of Hydes return. He will also keep the YPC average up high, he’s proven to gain well on each carry.

I for one am very pleased with his first game performance considering he also had one of the best LB’s in the college game tracking him down every play. Jordan Hall will have one of those kinds of seasons that only come around every once in a while in Columbus and he may very well be the one to give Coach Meyer his first 1,000 yard rusher that’s not a QB.

Stumblin Read More

tBBC Fans Interact: Buffalo

Written September 4th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

This past weekend as the Buckeyes faced the Bulls, we started a new feature here at tBBC. Each week we will feature some hash-tags on twitter and feature your responses to those in a weekly article. While we are at it, we will feature a former Buckeye each week to give their two-cents worth as well and see how you stack up to their thoughts.

This week we’re bringing the “Juice” and featuring Mekka Don! His new Buckeye song hit the skies this past Saturday to a great response in The Shoe.

Juice, Juice, Juice Thank you Mekka!

Juice, Juice, Juice
Thank you Mekka!

#BufTopPlay  Braxton Miller 47 yard TD to Devin Smith. Great throw and great adjustment by Devin.

#BufOMVP Jordan Hall. He ran his butt off today.  Big holes but also showed burst and agility.

#BufDMVP Noah Spence

#BufSTMVP Dontre Wilson. Great kick return!

#BufOUnsung Offensive Line.  They were creating huge holes and giving Braxton (and Kenny) time to throw for the most part.

#BufDUnsung Ryan Shazier.  Despite the injury he was still effective.

#BufMorePT Dontre Wilson, Jalin Marshall, Ezekiel Elliot, Warren Ball. Can’t wait to see what these guys can do!

Read More

Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: Game One

Written August 30th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

Excited for RSB to be a regular Friday night feature for the college football season. An obvious play on words from someone else, it will be my take each week of who is doing great for the Buckeyes, who may have stumbled during the week, and who definitely stepped in some doodoo during the week. You can see the original here


Braxton Miller will be a much different leader this season

Braxton Miller will be a much different leader this season

Heading into the first game of the season against the Buffalo Bulls it’s been pretty obvious who has been rumblin for the Buckeyes. There’s been a lot of attention paid to some of the rookies, as well as returning stars like Jordan Hall. Braxton Miller has been met with great anticipation this week for a very good reason.

It should be obvious to everybody that he is a much different player now. Elected one of the eight captains this week says all that we need to hear about how much more of a leader he is now. It’s important for the QB to be a leader because sometimes his play may be off a bit and the rest of the team steps up under his direction.

Last season it was more of keeping the ball in his hands and making stuff happen. This season we should see more of the read option opening up and a lot more motivation coming from Braxton for his teammates to perform. It will be very obvious to all of us on Saturday that he is a different player. Read More

tBBC OSU HOF: John Cooper

Written August 13th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

For this HOF Article, we revisit one I did in May of last year.

One thing is for sure when you take over as the head coach at THE Ohio State University, you better know what it means to be an Ohio person. A lot of people believe Coach John Cooper got the top post at Ohio State back in 1988 simply because he beat TTUN in the Rose Bowl the year before while at Arizona State. Truth is he really probably got the job because of his history as a head coach and as a person.

John Cooper grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee in the 1940’s and 50’s. He went into the U.S. Army right out of high school for two years before playing college ball at Iowa State. People then knew he was going to have a special talent for coaching with his abilities on the field that eventually led to him being team MVP and captain his senior year. He stayed on as an assistant coach with the Cyclones before taking a similar position with Oregon State. He made stops at UCLA, Kansas, and Kentucky before landing his first head coaching position at Tulsa in 1977.

His first season with the Golden Hurricane was 3-8 but they became pretty good after that winning five straight Missouri Valley Conference titles. Tulsa was in and out of the MVC for a year and when they returned Coach Cooper had them loaded. He began to put together a system for how he would recruit players and used it to bolster his resume. In the Top 25 ranked season of 1982, Cooper and the Golden Hurricanes went 10-1 and their only loss on the season was to Arkansas. This same year that SMU had the Pony Express, Coach Cooper had himself two 1,000 rushers in Michael Gunter and Ken Lacy and was called the Palomino Express. Despite its ranking and great season Tulsa wasn’t invited to a bowl game. Coach Cooper had the makings of a top-notch coach and was hired to take over at Arizona State in 1985.  Read More