Sunday Morning Coffee: November 06, 1920

Gaylord Stinchcomb, the consensus All-American halfback for the Buckeyes, had just stepped from his dorms at the German House on West 11th. He stood momentarily looking toward the darkening sky as the threat of rain appeared imminent. It was just a few days following the Presidential elections in which two Ohioans were the top of […]


Making The List: Donica Merriman

The 2016 Rio Olympics have just concluded. The United States dominated; 46 Gold, 37 Silver, and 38 Bronze for a grand total of 121 medals. In track and field the Women’s team out did all possibilities. In 21 events with 63 medals available (Gold; Silver; Bronze all combined) the Americans received 15 total, five of […]


Sunday Morning Coffee: October 26, 1919

The Sunday morning breeze was brisk. A settling of coldness had dropped anchor on the region – hovering just a degree or two above the freezing mark. Quietness had descended in the early morning hours, only a distant rumbling of nature, a whisking wind, or a car not so near, managed to eke any semblance […]

a Hohlmayer

Making The List: Alice “Lefty” Hohlmeyer

When I started this listing of great Buckeyes, the obvious such as Jesse Owens, Jack Nicklaus, Woody Hayes, Archie Griffin, Jerry Lucas, Herb Williams, and Katie Smith were all guaranteed to be mentioned. Their accomplishments were completely golden and were well beyond the purpose of this weekly briefing of some of the greatest athletes to […]


Sunday Morning Coffee: October 19, 1919

The young man exited the house at 970 Oak Street at exactly six-thirty in the morning. A chill was in the air – the cloudiness simmered any attempts of the sun’s brightness from unlocking any hopes of a nicer day. The young man buttoned up the brown wool jacket he had just slipped his arms […]


Making The List: Ford Hiroshi Konno

The weather for these next two days here on the East Coast is predicted to be oven-like. 105˚ to 110˚ with what is termed as the heat-factoring is predicted. With all of that in mind and the Olympics now in full-swing – Michael Phelps ruling in the swimming category – certainly no surprise – I […]


USA Men’s Rugby Eliminated In Rio – Ebner Shines

The United States Rugby Sevens team was eliminated from medal contention in Rio today in Deodoro Stadium. They, in order to stay in contention, had to beat a powerful Fiji, draw, or lose by less than four points. They would lose 24-19. Nate Ebner, the safety for the New England Patriots, and a walk-on star […]


Orlando Pace Is Officially A Member Of The Nfl Hall Of Fame

It is official. Orlando Lamar Pace is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame. Joining Pace in the class of 2016 were Bret Favre, the great Green Bay Packers QB, Tony Dungy, a trail-blazing coach and Super Bowl winner; one of his stars, Marvin Harrison; Kevin Greene; Ken Stabler; Dick Stanfel; and Ed DeBartolo […]


Sunday Morning Coffee: October 23, 1892

Frederick Douglas Patterson stood in the window of his tenement building within walking distance to the Ohio State University. He was now in his second year at the University as a student in Mathematics and as a member of the football team. He sipped at a steaming cup of coffee he had just brewed, enjoying […]

sports apps

The Best Sports Apps Of The Year So Far

Sports such as soccer, basketball, football, cricket, ruby, tennis, athletics, and baseball attract legions of fans across the world. However, modern sports fans want to do more than simply watch live sporting events. They also want to track key game metrics, evaluate the best betting apps, follow news on their favorite team/player, and monitor team/player […]


Sunday Morning Coffee: October 07, 1922

The large man stood at the window of his room that overlooked South High Street, not so far from the State Capital. He had risen early as he always did to run up to the Ohio State University Campus, and around the track of the new stadium, before returning to his room at the ‘Turner […]


Making The List: Dr. Glyn Meyrick

With the Olympics in Rio almost upon us and all of the wondrous bliss for a sports junkie that it offers I am encouraged by a recent article I wrote on Nate Ebner and his making of Team USA for Rugby 7’s. I have come to enjoy this game with tremendous enthusiasm. My intent in […]


Sunday Morning Coffee: October 15, 1916

The wind whistled sharply as the sun began to rise on this crisp Sunday morning. John Wilce rolled over from his slumber, having not slept well at all. His night had been dominated with recalling the day before.  It had indeed been an event. “Coffee?” He whispered to his sleeping wife, Minerva, who had the blanket […]


Making The List: Peter “Pete” George

In our pursuit to bring to focus some of the great past names of athletics from The Ohio State University in Making the List, often names are missed – even intended to bring out at another time … but the grand tool of forgetfulness arrives and good intent vanishes as it arrives to another worthy […]


Nate Ebner Heading To Rio On Usa Men’s Rugby 7’s Team

No so long after announcing his return to the New England Patriots in a two-year extension deal that lands him a million-plus each year Nate Ebner will be missing training camp this summer as he heads to Brazil as a member of the USA Rugby Team. Bill Belichick, Ebner recalls, was welcoming of his pursuit […]


Sunday Morning Coffee: May 04, 1890

The Sunday morning breeze blasted through the untidy room. The sun’s brightness also began its commanding appearance. It shone directly onto the face of Alexander Lilley, who rolled to his side in an attempt to rid the nuisance and gather a few extra moments of sleep. He knew he’d be hearing a knock soon enough […]


Making The List: Jim Reeder

This week let’s journey into baseball. The Buckeyes had some fantastic players in the wondrous world played on a diamond. Thus far in our journey to bring back a focus on past athletes from The Ohio State University – in baseball – we took a look at Frank Howard (also a basketball star) and Nick […]

LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 01:  Mark Coleman poses for a portrait on November 1, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Jim Kemper/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Making The List: Mark Coleman

For this week’s Making the List I have decided to have some fun. There are so many Buckeyes in a host of sports that have been great in the sport of which they participated that are deserving of recognition. Some of these great athletes slide from the notice they justifiably have earned behind some of […]


TBBC Roundtable: What Does Independence Day Mean To Me

TBBC wants to wish everyone a very Happy Independence Day and hope it’s the most enjoyable day possible. We like roundtables around these parts and sometimes like to express our own feelings, shocking I know, but we have a great love for our country and the freedoms we have because of the brave who have […]