San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh protests a non-call by the officials after a fourth down play during the second half of the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Gene Puskar) ORG XMIT: SB475

The False Prophecy Of Jimbo

10-3 in the first year at TTUN. 39-24 college record overall – which includes Stanford and the University of San Diego. Signed as the 2nd highest paid college coach in all of the NCAA at $7,000,400 per year; that comes to $700,040 per victory. I speak of Jim Harbaugh – TTUN’s Head Coach. Yep! The […]


Let’s talk Men’s Basketball

.. for a minute. Or two. (Thad knows what I’m talking about.) Ohio State men’s basketball just endured a season that certainly wasn’t the best of times, nor was it the worst of times. It was a season that, if we were sane and realistic with ourselves, was what we expected. Before I get into […]


Talking 10 Trolls Ohio State.. again

.. and still can’t get it right. (Image courtesy I had a little article brought to my attention on Thursday. Basically, Andy weaves a tale with what appear to be two story lines; the first story is to create a context  for his second story, which is the real story. First Fable Andy starts […]


Trolling and Click Baiting: Part 2

Urban is looking at you. (Image courtesy of Welcome back to Episode 2, where we cover “trolling for the sake of trolling”. Today’s topic is how Andy felt, or at least stated, that Ohio State had it’s lunch eaten by Michigan and Michigan State regarding Army All-American Bowl commitments. Per the writer: Just how […]


Concern Trolling and (Click) Baiting; Part 1

(Yeah, Urban is talking to you) I came across, or rather had referred to me, two articles written by a fellow Big Ten blogger. One article dealt with the upcoming challenge to Ohio State and Urban’s “next man up” approach with coaching. I’ll address that specific article here and address the second article later in […]


tBBC 2016 Resolutions: It’s Not About Us

(Image courtesy of It’s the time of year where people make New Year Resolutions for the upcoming year. These usually take the form of promises/commitments/desires for self improvement. Several writers have offered up resolutions for the New Year, but our format will be a bit different. It’s not that we don’t recognize the need […]


Are You Not Entertained? Michigan

(Image Courtesy of Welcome back, Buckeyes. That’s more like it. The Silver Bullets shut down Michigan’s offense. The offense gashed and thrashed Michigan’s vaunted run defense. We also took over the Big House as chants of O-H-I-O could not be drowned out by the students booing. All-in-all, I think all of tBBC staffers have to be […]

See What Sticks

tBBC Pick’em Week 13: It Has Come To This..

After Week 12, I (87 correct picks) am still maintaining a narrow lead over Joe (85), with Scott (83) and Charles (83) close behind. This is the final week to determine The Pick’em Champion. Things could get testy around here. All B1G teams are in action this week to wrap up the regular season. To […]

Michigan Wolverines v Ohio State Buckeyes

Roy Hall’s Top Ten Don’ts For TTUN Week

Roy Hall has been gracious enough to write out his Top Ten dont’s for the best week in college football. It’s Ohio State versus TTUN hate week and Roy tells it like it is around the players headed into this game. The Ohio State-M*chigan rivalry is the best rivalry ever! With that being said, there […]

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tBBC Pick’em Week 11: Running Out Of Time

After Week 10, I (78 correct picks) have a narrow lead over Joe (75), with Scott (74), Charles (73) and Patrick (73) close behind. All B1G teams are in action this week except Penn State and Wisconsin. We’re down to 3 regular season games before the BTCG. This should will be an interesting finish. Maryland […]


AYNE?: Minnesota

(Photo Courtesy UPI) The tBBC Staff had quite the wish list for Saturday’s game against Minnesota. Let’s dive in to see how things worked out for the lads.   MaliBuckeye 12 Gauge Time: It wasn’t magical, it was barely functional. Of 66 snaps, he had 3 productive plays. But, hey, OSU won. Slobber Knocker: Nothing spectacular, but […]

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tBBC Pick’em Week 10: Down The Home Stretch

After Week 8, I (73 correct picks) have a narrow lead over Joe (70), with Scott (69), Charles (68) and Patrick (68) close behind. Scott, Mike and Brandon all went 5-fer-5 to lead the pack last week. That was Scott’s second consecutive week of perfection. Very well done, Scott! All B1G teams are in action this […]

NCAA Football: San Jose State at Minnesota

Are You Not Entertained? Idle Week

Well wasn’t that idle week quite active. I’m sure the last thing Urban Meyer told his players before they left Thursday was to be smart. Whoops. Anywho, it was quite the interesting weekend where OSU wasn’t concerned as well. Near-upsets, blown calls by officials, bad decisions by coaches. Oh my! Without further ado, here is how tBBC staff fared. Much […]

What's your Trick or Treat?

TBBC Staff Takes on Trick Or Treat

No real reason to have a slights this week so I though it would be fun to see what everyone’s trick or treat has been so far in this college football season. The premise is simple, give us what they thought they were tricked by and what they have been treated or pleasantly surprised with. […]

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tBBC Pick’em, Week 9: Less Than A Full Deck

After Week 8, I (69 correct picks) have a narrow lead over Joe (66), with Patrick (64), Charles (64) and Patrick (64) close behind. Scott led the pack last week, correctly picking all 5 games. Well done, Scott! There are again only 5 B1G games this week, so there isn’t much room for error nor shuffling. […]

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tBBC Pick’em Week 8: No Margin For Error

After Week 7, I (65 correct picks) have a narrow lead over Joe (62), with Patrick (60) and Charles (60) close behind. Joe led the pack last week, correctly picking 5 of the 6 games. There are only 5 B1G games this week, so there isn’t much room for error; nor to gain ground. We […]

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tBBC Pick’em Week 7: This is Getting Serious

After Week 6, I have a narrow lead over Patrick and Scott, with Charles and Joe lurking. Those two are good at “lurking”. After the first week in conference play I lost a bit of ground.. On to this week’s picks:   Iowa @ Northwestern Patrick: Iowa – Just as the calendar turns to October the […]

Friday Night Slights: Weathering the “Fair Weather” Fans

Games can be a nightmare or even cause you to have a bad day if your favorite one didn’t beat someone by a jazillion points. Such is the case with Ohio State fans and just about every slight this week is a shot at them! Enjoy! Kirk Barton will be a regular headliner here because […]