Making The List: Linda Kalafatis

Spring is here. The trees are blooming – blossoming – whatever the proper term is – as the beauty of nature will soon arrive. With the warmth in the air comes the stepping out of the arena sports such as basketball, hockey, and wrestling to name a few. Baseball, softball, track and field is here. […]


Ten Questions With Vladimir Nazlymov

(Image courtesy I am honored to have this week’s participate in Ten Questions Vladimir Nazlymov the Head Coach of The Ohio State University’s Fencing Program. Coach Nazlymov is a World Class – well accomplished fencer in his own right. With his expertise he has brought the Buckeyes into the fold of NCAA Champions and […]


Making The List: Mike Peppe

Back on January 29th of this year my first choice for a swimmer at The Ohio State University- deserving – was Yoshi Oyakawa. I have now decided to follow-up on that and pick another swimmer/diver – who also happened to be the coach of some of the greatest swimmers in both Buckeye history, but also […]


Talking 10 Trolls Ohio State.. again

.. and still can’t get it right. (Image courtesy I had a little article brought to my attention on Thursday. Basically, Andy weaves a tale with what appear to be two story lines; the first story is to create a context  for his second story, which is the real story. First Fable Andy starts […]


11 OSU Fencers Prepare for NCAA Championships

(photo courtesy The Ohio State University Fencing team is in preparations for the 2016 NCAA Championships which this year will be conducted at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. The Buckeyes have qualified eleven out of the maximum twelve fencers, the men’s and women’s fencing committee announced Tuesday March 15th. The Buckeyes who finished fifth […]


OHSAA: Should Public and Private schools have their own Tournaments?

(Image courtesy Ohio High School Athletic Association) Hello everyone, welcome as I talk Ohio High School state tournaments and the “Big Question”. Should private schools play in the their own state tournaments separate from public schools?? With March Madness starting in College Basketball, its already going on in High School Basketball in Ohio.  This is a […]

Nate Brooks

Making The List: Nate Brooks

(photo courtesy of How many boxers do you know from The Ohio State University? Don’t be so presumptuous …. The Ohio State University does have a Boxing Club. The National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) was founded in 1976 as a non-profit, autonomous organization whose goal is to provide a safe, positive experience for student […]


Ten questions With Yoshi Oyakawa

I am excited to pass onto all of the loyal readers of tBBC and to the Buckeye Nation as a whole a conversation I had with a Gold Medal winner on the telephone. I am speaking of the Great Yoshi Oyakawa – a winner of the Gold Medal in the 100 meter backstroke in the […]

Katie 3

Ten Questions with Katie Smith

(photo courtesy I am thrilled to introduce to tBBC and all of Buckeye Nation the great Katie Smith. We all know Katie, of her legend, and the complete excitement she delivered for us while playing for The Ohio State University. Back in early January of this year, I featured Katie in my weekly piece that […]


The Buckeye Battle Cry Goes Racing

(Image courtesy Hello everyone and welcome as I tell you about…….Stock Car Racing?? Yes, Stock Car Racing.   Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Hey, this site is suppose to be about Ohio State sports.”   Yes it is, but I’d like to take a minute and tell you about a joint venture that […]


Ohio State – Nike Ink A Rather Large Deal

(Image courtesy of The Lantern) The Nike logo may get a more prominent display for a few more years. It was announced yesterday (Thursday Jan 14th) that the Ohio State University and Nike entered into a contract extension beyond the current agreement that expires in 2018. The new agreement, for 15 years, takes the OSU-Nike […]


Trolling and Click Baiting: Part 2

Urban is looking at you. (Image courtesy of Welcome back to Episode 2, where we cover “trolling for the sake of trolling”. Today’s topic is how Andy felt, or at least stated, that Ohio State had it’s lunch eaten by Michigan and Michigan State regarding Army All-American Bowl commitments. Per the writer: Just how […]


Concern Trolling and (Click) Baiting; Part 1

(Yeah, Urban is talking to you) I came across, or rather had referred to me, two articles written by a fellow Big Ten blogger. One article dealt with the upcoming challenge to Ohio State and Urban’s “next man up” approach with coaching. I’ll address that specific article here and address the second article later in […]


tBBC 2016 Resolutions: It’s Not About Us

(Image courtesy of It’s the time of year where people make New Year Resolutions for the upcoming year. These usually take the form of promises/commitments/desires for self improvement. Several writers have offered up resolutions for the New Year, but our format will be a bit different. It’s not that we don’t recognize the need […]

Merry Christmas from The Buckeye Battle Cry

We were going to send you all Hallmark cards this holiday season, but somehow, Ken — our residential stamp guy — forgot to head to the post office this season. At least we have this free platform of speech to share our thoughts and thanks on! That’s what this Christmas is about to us. We […]


What TBBC is Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends! We are so thankful to have such a loyal bunch of readers and listeners. Here’s to a great day with family, remembering what we are thankful for this year. Here’s what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving 2015. Share what you are thankful for in the comments! Scott: […]


A Walk, With Golf Clubs, Down Memory Lane

Wednesday was a fairly mild November day, certainly by Buffalo standards. The temperature was in the high 50’s, sunny, but windy (20 mph or so). With the weekend forecast for snow, I figured this might be my last chance for a round of golf this season. The local municipal course was closed for the season, […]


Mekka Don Brings the “Juice” in new Music Video Release

When our friend Mekka Don tells us that he has something to show us, there’s no doubt we have a hard time containing our excitement. Since late summer, we’ve been anticipating this day as Buckeye fans, as one of the legendary theme songs of Buckeye Nation and the Ohio State program got a bit prettier. […]


Friday Night Slights: Mizzou, Cardale, J.T. and Media

Friday’s are a day for cutting loose and letting people know what you think. It’s no different around here and it just so happens Ohio State is a hot topic as well as athletic directors. Staff Slights Ken – Friday the 13th, eh? Goodbye to U of Missouri’s President Tim Wolfe and University of Illinois’ […]

See What Sticks

tBBC Pick’em Week 11: Running Out Of Time

After Week 10, I (78 correct picks) have a narrow lead over Joe (75), with Scott (74), Charles (73) and Patrick (73) close behind. All B1G teams are in action this week except Penn State and Wisconsin. We’re down to 3 regular season games before the BTCG. This should will be an interesting finish. Maryland […]