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Big Ten OT’s Preseason Football Power Rankings

Football for Big Ten teams is just two days away, so we’ve all got our perspectives, predictions and prognostications to get out to the world. Over at Big Ten OT, that means giving you a broad look at the conference.The Big Ten OT Logo

One way we’ll do that for you is by tapping in to some of the best writers and bloggers across the conference and see how they gauge things. That leads us to introduce you to our preseason Big Ten Football Power Poll.

We’ve assembled 10 of the best minds around the conference and each week we’ll give you a look at where the Big Ten teams stand. Not just in the standings, but in how they look and the impact of results as well.

Let us introduce you to the 10 panelists we’ve assembled for this season:

Without further ado…here is our 2014 Preseason Power Rankings:

Points (1st place votes)
Previous Week Rank
1Michigan State70 (7)N/A
2Ohio State60N/A
4Penn State38N/A
1Wisconsin68 (6)N/A
2Iowa57 (1)N/A


– There was a lot of agreement on the East division power rankings, with the first three teams being unanimous selections at their spots. Rutgers was a near unanimous pick for last place in the division with just one person picking them in a position other than last.

– The Big Ten West had a lot closer of a debate among the writers, yet Wisconsin came away the clear favorite. After that there is a log jam of predictions for second, third and fourth in the division.

– What the writers do agree on is that Purdue is going to be bad…with the Boilermakers the only team receiving all 10 last place votes in the West division.

Join us next week as we give you a look at where teams stand following the opening week of action, and as always give us a follow on Twitter @BigTenOT.