I beg to differ…

The Oklahoman has an interesting article today by Jake Trotter, which attempts to compare the current status of the Oklahoma Sooner and Ohio State Buckeye programs.

Seems like the good folks in Norman need to figure out a way to reconcile their recent problems, and have settled on the “I’m not the only one” strategy that’s worked so well in elementary school recesses for years.

Trotter writes-

Of the last six BCS National Championships, five have been lost by either OU or Ohio State. And only one of those defeats came by less than double digits.

It goes beyond that.

Ohio State has lost five straight to Top 5 teams. OU hasn’t won a BCS bowl game since 2002. It’s hard to believe with all the promise the two programs held at the beginning of the decade.

While true, that glosses over the fact that Ohio State has been better over the same time period.

For instance, the Buckeyes have gone 2- 3 in BCS games since their national championship season (including a victory over the KSU team that upset the Sooners, and a last second loss last year to the Texas team that dominated the Sooners in the fourth quarter of their matchup).

Meanwhile, since their championship, Oklahoma is 1-5 in BCS games. Three of those losses were in BCS Championships- one being a 30 point blowout. One of the other losses is considered one of the greatest upsets of all times. The other was a blowout loss to a team that was a significant underdog.

So- Buckeyes and Sooners birds of a feather? Not at all. Although, you’ll not hear about that on ESPN.

In fact, Trotter himself seems to admit as much in his reflection on the state of OU fans-

Of more than 100 OU fans polled last weekend during Meet The Sooners Day, one-third said they’d rather see OU win the Cotton Bowl this season than lose the national title game again.

Huh. Wonder why they feel that way? Could it be that they’re 1-3 against their rival in games played at the Cotton Bowl during the last four years?

And the Buckeyes? Well… I’m sure any MACh1gAAn fan can tell you what it’s been like to be the Buckeyes’ rival since Tressel arrived.

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