Are You Not Entertained? Navy

Depends on who you spoke to, the Buckeyes either looked pretty good or pretty bad. Nonetheless, it was a win over a Navy team that is always tough to prepare for because of its offense. How did our predictions and wish list turn out?


  • Illegal blocks penalized: No chop blocks this time.
  • Let Jalin Marshall show his stuff: Marshall got in some plays, but only ran three times and caught another three passes.
  • 10 points or less: Close but not quite.
  • A win: Check.


  • JT needs to get the ball into the hands of Ohio State’s playmakers and make good decisions. With the exception of one INT and a bad decision to pitch on a goal-line option play, he did his job.
  • Ohio State’s defense will need to be precise and disciplined: Could go either way here. Forced one fumble, a near fumble and a allowed a phantom touchdown on a perfectly defensed Pylon Play.
  • The Game: Well, I got to see it.
  • Know The Snap Count: A job well done.

Bottled Up


  • Keenan Reynolds might go down as one of the top three quarterbacks in Naval Academy history and his arm has to be accounted for:  We will give the defense a pass here. Did a pretty good job. Only passed for 30 yards on four attempts. Not much of a sample size.
  • Stay Disciplined: Again, we shall give them a free pass because, well, I said so. Reynolds only had 42 rushing yards.
  • It’s time for EZE, Brionte, Rod Smith, and Curtis Samuel to run wild on the Navy defense: Bucks ran for 194 yards. Had a few nice ones, longest was 20. I will say we did not cover the spread there.
  • A Great Game: Absolutely. Unless we are talking about the replay official.


  • Silver-Bullets Reloaded: Allowed more than 300 rushing yards but Reynolds had just 42. Call me crazy but I’ll take that all week long and twice on Sunday.
  • This is Joe Thomas Barrett’s destiny, simply put, and a year early for sure: He got ‘r did.
  • Start it right now, be consistent in the balance between the offense and the defense: Um, OK.


  • No injuries: Have not heard of any.
  • An Ohio State win: Check.
  • Disciplined (again) assignment defense: As I mentioned before, Reynolds was held in Czech.
  • JT gets the ball to his playmakers, handoffs, swing passes, whatever: A job well done. He did what he had to.
  • I’d like to see the offensive line play like a cohesive, veteran group: Second half was much better than the first. But as one of my favorite high school coaches says “we got a long way to go.”


Did you say “aggressive”?


  • Disciplined, strong defense that tackles well: Didn’t see a plethora of missed tackles and as I said, Reynolds was contained and accounted for. I’m OK with him having to pitch the ball as much as he did.
  • I want to see who is ready to step up and take the yards left in Braxton’s absence: Not sure one guy stepped up, call it a group effort. An orgy if you will. 
  • Special teams score: How about one on defense?
  • How about 180-220 and a couple of TDs in the air? Good call dude.
  • I am STILL waiting to see an Urban Meyer-led Buckeye team play loose, aggressive and have fun like his team at Florida did: Getting there.


  • I want to see the defense moving in the right direction: I was happy with what I saw. As I mentioned, not an easy team to defend.
  • Good bounce back from JT: Great call! He threw a pick but got right back on the proverbial horse.
  • TBDBTL getting back to business: CBSSports didn’t show the band much or talk about them, unless I missed it. Probably a good idea.

Needs Work


  • Everyone says OL it’s the weakness: It was pretty weak in the first half. Improved in the second half though.
  • Secondary: Did a good job tackling. Didn’t have to defend the pass much.


  • Braxton who? Not really but: JT wasn’t the next Braxton. Didn’t need to be. He was more than capable which is all we asked.


  • Let’s see if all the talk this off season about improvements to the talent and scheme (primarily scheme) is more than just talk: Let’s table this a week.
  • Last week’s news hurt, but I’m confident JT Barrett will be ready to go. He was and the offense was there to help. All-in-all a great effort.
  • Lots of turnovers, for the other guys: One each. Call it a wash.
  • I’ve had the shakes for a week now. I just want to see some freaking football! Let’s get this off-season over with: Hellz yeah!


  • We have seemed to be passive in the recent years and are tackling hasn’t been good at all. Didn’t see a ton of missed tackles. See previous comments about defending Navy.
  • It’s horrible news about Braxton but the show must go on. I want to see JT Barrett scoring touchdowns with his legs and most importantly his arm: Battin’.500 here.


  • I’m excited to see what the Silver Bullets will do with this triple-option business and a renewed sense of confidence in press coverage: Well, I think I covered that.

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