Fans Interact: tBBC Pre-Season Awards

We love fans interaction around here and I am excited to be hitting the twitterverse and e-mail waves with hashtags for another season!! This is tBBC pre-season awards based on our staff and the votes of the staff and fans.

The format will change a bit once the season hits, and we encourage everyone to get involved each week. Thank you to everybody who participated- You will see the consensus winner at the end of each section, each week with my thoughts on the fans choices!


MDOTYSR – Has to be Braxton as an obvious choice but not sleeping on Elliot either.

Adam Sabie 95.5 The BIG Show – Braxton Miller

MaliBraxton- As QB5 goes, so go the hopes of Ohio State’s season.

Scott H – Braxton Miller He’s the quarterback. He needs to run the offense to perfection and he will.

Ken K. – Braxton Miller, He is THE team leader. He has enough playmaking talent around him, all he needs to do is “orchestrate”. His playmaking ability will raise the effectiveness of his teammates.

Jason L. – Braxton Miller, He has to be for the team to succeed. They go as far as Braxton takes them.

Broseph D. – Braxton Miller, mature play = winning all day.

Patrick J. – Braxton Miller

Braxton Miller – Unanimous choice, although this was accumulated prior to his season ending injury.


MDOTYSR – I’m going to surprise most and say Tyquan Lewis. Breaking Out in a big way!!


Too Close To Call?

Adam Sabie – Michael Bennett

MaliBennett- Lotta’ choices here, but I feel as if the senior is due for a breakout season. Plus, his twitter account is MVP worthy alone

Scott H. – Michael Bennett Defensive line is a strength and Bennett will be an absolute stud

Ken K. – Joey Bosa, He finished last season strongly. The success, at least early in the season, of OSU’s back seven will be dependent upon their linemates. Bosa is the leader of the DL.

Jason L. – Perry, I thought he showed a lot of potential toward the end of the season and was a demon in the Orange Bowl.

Broseph D. – Joey Bulldog Bosa

Patrick J. – Joey Bosa

Michael Bennett by the slimmest of margins over Joey Bosa




MDOTYSR – Jalin Marshall if he stays healthy.

Adam Sabie – Cam Johnston

MaliBryce Haynes, Duh. Ball can’t be kicked until it’s snapped… and that doesn’t count the plays he makes down field

Scott H. – Cameron Johnston Why the hell not?

Ken K. – Bryce Haynes :), Longsnapper, enough said.

Jason L. – The punter kid, I always forget his name, They don’t kick a lot of field goals, so this seems like a safe choice.

Broseph D. – Dontre Wilson

Patrick J. – Cam Johnston

The Aussie in a landslide




MDOTYSR – Taylor Decker….period. Too much youth for someone else….IMO

Adam Sabie – Pat Elflein

MaliDecker- The next in a long line of great linemen; he’ll be the one they run behind when the game is on the line

Scott H. – Taylor Decker He’s the main guy back. He will lead the way and help groom the younger guys.

Ken K. – Taylor Decker, Taylor is the returning starter. He will have his linemates rally around him.

Jason L. – Decker, He has the most returning experience and Mickey Marotti has stated he’s taken on a leadership role.

Broseph D. – Taylor Decker

Patrick J. – Taylor Decker

Taylor Decker Hands Down


MDOTYSR – Staying with the Tyquan Lewis pick. I know Bosa is all that and a bag of chips but I really believe this will be Lewis’s time to shine.

Adam Sabie – Michael Bennett



MaliBosa, Even though Bennett will be the DMVP, Bosa will be the one that gets all of the double teams and “chip” blocks. Won’t matter, though… he’s the real deal.

Scott H. – Michael Bennett, see above

Ken K. – Joey Bosa, See above, somewhat. This is a talented set of defensive linemen; Bosa is the Alpha Male of this group. He’ll improve from last season, and prod his mates to improve themselves as well.

Jason L. – Bosa, It was toss up between him and Michael Bennett for me. I think Bosa will have more sacks, naturally from the end spot

Broseph D. – Joey Bulldog Bosa

Patrick J. – Joey Bosa

Joey Bosa Outguns Bennett Here


Leading The Way

Leading The Way

MDOTYSR – Johnnie Dixon….explosive!

Adam Sabie – Raekwon McMillan

MaliCurtis Samuels, although I’d also go with Jalin Marshall, since he redshirted. Both speedsters who are looking for their moment to shine… and Urban will give it to them.

Scott H. – Jalin Marshall He redshirted last year so he counts as a newcomer. He makes plays. They will find a way to get him the ball.

Ken K. – Raekwon McMillan, An early “stripe loser”, Raekwon is getting his ‘game face’ on early. Talented and exuberant. Good traits.

Jason L. – Raekwonza , Everything I’ve read says so. He looks the part. If he starts week one, look out!

Broseph D. – Curtis Samuel

Patrick J. – Dante Booker

Raekwon McMillan in a close Race with Curtis Samuels, both lost their stripes on the same day.


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