Playing with fire and skirting the issue

Over the past two days, a lot of information has come forward about Ralph Gray Decker.  A lot of discussion has been laid out about it as well.

I think it’s important to say this now….Decker’s a lowlife and deserves to rot for what he has done.  But it’s not up to us to execute that plan.

Last night, in the course of digging up Decker’s criminal record, I found his home address and his cell phone number.  I debated with myself over what to do with it, and then I went with my better judgment and withheld that information.

That info is out there, and when it gets released on a larger scale, there will likely be some problems headed Decker’s way.  Especially when it comes to the topic of sport, people don’t always conduct themselves on their best behavior.  Hell, that’s exactly what got Decker’s name in the Ohio newspapers…his misconduct would not have occurred in July if he hadn’t been an asshole when it comes to sport.

Let’s hope that the Florida arm of justice swings quickly on this guy, before it gets too out of hand.

But first, let’s remind the fans of the SEC that THEY are the ones with neanderthals for fans.  Decker will get his comeuppance….let’s not give it to him before the law gets their crack at him.


Update by MaliBuckeye:

Granted, most of what Mr. Decker says we can take with a grain of salt the size of Orlando Pace.

However, the St. Petersburg Times has a comment from his lawyer that, while not surprising, is troubling.

Decker’s lawyer said Wednesday that his client is receiving death threats from irate Buckeye fans after college football blogs put his personal information online.

The threats have been made to his cell phone, his e-mail, even to the title company where Decker works, they said.

“They’ve been calling his supervisors … and threatening him all day long,” said St. Petersburg defense attorney Sean McQuaid.

That’s not who we are, and it’s unfortunate that the actions of a few reflect on all Ohio State fans. While it doesn’t matter what other fans think, we should strive to represent the Tradition, Honor, and Excellence of being Buckeyes.

To paraphrase Sam Wyche– “We’re not fans of <insert SEC school here>, we’re fans of THE Ohio State University.”


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