Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin’: And So It Begins

There has definitely been a lot to choose from when it comes to the good, the bad, and the ugly of Ohio State football in the past couple of weeks, but as I typically do to begin the season let’s hit the high points about tomorrow. Some of you have been in mid-season form and of course, TTUN fans have a renewed sense of confidence, but they are using Appy State as the guage, so there’s that. Let’s get rolling with the really good from this week.


New leader will be just fine

New leader will be just fine

There’s nobody on the team that has had more spotlight this past week than Joe Thomas Barrett. JT has been thrust into the starting role in place of injured Braxton Miller and everybody is talking about it except him! I have to applaud the kid for making sure people were focused squarely on Navy and them only. Yes the success of the team may run through him, but he won’t be the reason they lose, when and if they do.

The red-shirt freshman has a tall task of replacing Miller, but the upside is that he doesn’t have to be him to have success. Even though Coach Meyer referred to him as “Guitonish”, JT has a lot of upside. First, he was their first choice at QB to come in and replace Miller to begin with. Second, he has been showing them some flashes of something special in camp.

The reason I know there’s no reason for getting excited or worried is that the players have been talking about him. We know from past experience that when they talk about someone(like Wilson last season), that someone is really good. I look forward to what this young man can do and I think aside from the inexperience, he will be just fine.


Indecision on starters a bad thing or is it okay?

Indecision on starters a bad thing or is it okay?

There has been little in neighborhood of individuals that have been the bad of late, or even close. After the release of the depth chart this week, I have mixed feelings about it truly being because there is so much competition(a positive) or that the coaching staff just won’t pull the trigger(a negative). I totally get it, but we were told in the beginning of coach Meyer’s tenure that starting jobs are “typically” settled in the spring, and anyone new would struggle to compete for a starting job.

I understand that there is a lot of young incoming talent and that they are competing. I just believe, slightly, that you gain more by naming starters consistently and substitute by necessity. What I mean about that is there may be a lot of close battles, but if you are going to play a lot of kids, some of them still need to know there’s a position to gain or lose. This is where they are motivated in college football.

Bear in mind that I am not a college football coach and this simply my opinion. I usually don’t question their decisions because they get paid the big bucks to make these decisions. I just believe that this is sending a mixed message early in the season. I also believe in the staff and think they’ll get it worked out.


I honestly have nobody on Ohio State’s roster to poke with the ugly stick so let’s go with one of my favorite targets in Desmond Howard. I have never liked this guy, as a player or most especially a commentator. If anyone has taught us a valuable lesson around favoritism and how unprofessional it is (Herbie), he should be in a lot of peoples cross hairs.

The fact that the homer, and much like Mark May has, picked his Wolverweenies 6th in the country is laughable. Eddie George and Robert Smith tend to be homers in the way they support the Buckeyes, but when it comes to predictions, they both tend to be realist. That has been where Herbie has struggled to win fans over. He refuses to be all siss boom bahh with regards to his Alma mater and it has angered people.

Desmond Howard has always been an arrogant fool, and it showed on the field when he played and truly shows it now. I am guessing the powers that be at the WWL are getting exactly what they want with regards to how he is acting and the interaction between the two. It’s my hope that they finally get tired of him and move on.

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Always THE Rivalry, and always hate TTUN

Always THE Rivalry, and always hate TTUN




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