Rumblin', Stumblin', Bumblin': NFL Draft Day

I rarely get into talks about who’s going where in the NFL draft because its really pointless to speculate. I mean let’s be honest, there’s always that one team that will mess it up for everybody else right? I have some Buckeyes to discuss and then my Bumblin prediction on which team is going to mess everything up tonight. Let’s get rollin’ with the good.


It’s amazing to me how a players stock can literally go up after the combine and pro-days simply by being interviewed by certain teams and their brass one-on-one. Jack Mewhort has been nothing but spectacular in his play for the Buckeyes and did great at the combine and pro-day at Ohio State. He is currently ranked as the 7th over-all OT in the draft but has been taking care of business behind closed doors. He is projected as a middle to late second rounder and possibly fall to the third round.

mewhortmeyerWhat I am most impressed with is how he has handled the entire process. He hasn’t tried to sell something that he’s not and will provide a team the versatility needed in today’s NFL. Can the others above him do the same? Probably. What I see a team doing is taking a chance on him in place of a couple players above him in Taylor Lewan(TTUN) for obvious reasons  and personality flaws and Jawuan James(Virginia) because I just feel Jack is better fundamentally. He’s done all he has needed to do to take care of business and get paid in the draft.

He has been the best lineman on a team that was loaded with pretty good ones. Jack is leading the pack as a leader and a player and some team will get a steal when they take him. He’s making noise at the right time and it will be fun seeing where he’s headed to! Good Luck Jack!!


Andrew Norwell has done everything  he needed to, to be a drafted guard in the NFL. There’s been very little he’s done that should change the mindset of people drafting good players. As it is he has fallen from a surefire late rounds draft choice to a possible undrafted free-agent and at no fault of his own. Admitted by many that are involved in the late rounds there is very little effort put into who they take as much as what they take.

Great pass blocker should be drafted, but we shall see.

Great pass blocker should be drafted, but we shall see.

If this is the case and he does fall out of the draft, then some team that signs him to a UFA contract will be getting a steal. He was part of one of the most productive offensive lines in college football the past two seasons, and will go down as the second best unit ever to wear scarlet and gray.  The mesmerizing part to all of this is that Norwell is versatile and will have an opportunity to start in the next couple of years in the NFL, doesn’t that warrant drafting him? Here’s hoping I am wrong about the UFA contract and he get’s drafted, I hear there’s no feeling like it!


Is there, or has there been a more dysfunctional ownership than the ones that have been involved since the Browns came back to Cleveland? As a Bengals fan I am pleased that there is finally someone else who is taking some of that attention away from Mike Brown. Don’t get me wrong, I still cannot stand him and never will, but he has had less negative impact the past few years. I will always feel the same way as most Bengals fans that MB can mess it all up with just his ego.

They already have photo-shopped pics of him in Browns uni's

They already have photo-shopped pics of him in Browns uni’s

The Browns are poised with picks (4th and 26th) to make an immediate impact on their franchise. Are they going to do it? Who knows because they have been playing it close to the chest in the information they put out about who they like at #4. This is the part that truly confuses the heck out of me. They know what will help them immediately and yet they put feelers out there to the contrary. Watching a mock situation on the WWL yesterday and even the guys involved in it weren’t sure and entertained a trade idea with Tampa Bay giving up any opportunity for Khalil Mack.

They’ve invested some money in the off-season on QB’s they want to roll with so there choice should be obvious and they should be positioning themselves to get him. They will have a “system” offense in place and maybe a capable QB to get the ball to Sammy Watkins, but are hoping he is still there. Even though I believe Watkins will be injury prone and a bust in the NFL, I think he’s the best choice at #4 and take a Bridgewater or Carr later. The Browns are going to do everything they can today to disappoint and already angered fan base. Take the best players you can get and don’t blow your chances on a QB or LB that you don’t need here.

I have several Buckeye friends who are also great Browns fans, isn’t it time the franchise do whatever it truly takes to build off what they have and what the fan base is? Perfect. Time for the anger and sadness to end for those fans.

My funny for draft weekend.