Rumblin’, Stumblin’, Bumblin: Two Weeks!!

It has truly been a busy and amazing few weeks leading into the last two weeks before the start of the 2014 season. I have been blessed of late to get to know my 4 and 1/2 month old grandson who is in with his mommy from Colorado and I will admit it’s finally hitting me.

I am a grandpa, and I love it!

Little Henry is quickly becoming one of my best friends and I also am realizing that I miss the time when my kids were that little. You hold the entire world literally in the palm of your hands. Sadly, they will be returning on Tuesday to the Rocky mountains and the wife and I will be without him again.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s get rolling with the good!


Going to step outside the athletic box for a second and throw some props to 7,270 cyclist who hit the roadways last weekend for Pelotonia 14 – the grassroots bike tour in Columbus that sends 100% of every rider raised dollar to cancer research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, The James.

Let that sink in for a second.

Over seven thousand people rode to kick cancer square in the buttocks. Currently they have raised $12 million for this years event(another staggering number) but it is still short of the $19 million raised last year through riders, volunteers and sponsors. The money is still flowing in and you can still help out until October 10th at My favorite story is with our buddy Matt Finkes from 95.5 The Game, who road both days and a total 180 miles!! Way to go Matt!

Each year as fall camp gets rolling, you have a few names pop up that fans should keep an out for.

Last year it was Dontre Wilson and his speed and ability to get in the open field quickly. He didn’t entirely get to where fans expected, but his total yardage numbers were still pretty good for a freshman in a system that was featuring a bruising running back.

This year is no different, although instead of one name, its three.

Curtis Samuel, Raekwon McMillan and Darius Slade all got their black stripes removed within 24 hours of each other. Samuel and McMillan first and Slade the next day. The McMillan removal is no surprise, and really neither is Slade.

What is remarkable is how quickly Samuel is moving and the fact that he will most definitely be playing. What’s impressive is that the freshman from the Bronx is making that progress in an offense that didn’t appear to have a lot of room for a new back.

Count me as a believer in Mr. Samuel and what he might do during his first season in a Buckeye uniform.

With Ezekiel Elliot’s early camp injury and surgery I would say Samuel will be seen quite a bit. Hats off to the frosh for coming into Columbus and not being satisfied with waiting his turn.


The best in the B1G will be just fine

The best in the B1G will be just fine.

I am honestly not sure where the bad should be aimed, so I flipped a coin and the fans lost.

With respect to Braxton Miller, this won’t be the first time I throw fans under the bus, and more than likely they will be in the Ugly the rest of the season.

Obviously bad fans are my biggest pet peeve and typically, the ugly dominate during the season.

Braxton Miller hasn’t played a complete season yet, that is true.

However, there’s no reason for fans to be throwing the season down the drain already because he isn’t participating in camp at full speed.

Ummm, I am pretty sure these same fans were the ones that said Kenny G should have started over Braxton down the stretch last year.

Wrong again.

They are also the same ones that later this season, if we would have lost Braxton for a couple games because of shoulder soreness, yup the staff brought him back too quickly.

“Don’t those idiot coaches know what they are doing?”

That will be the topic of discussion if and when that time comes. And seeing that there is a “chance” he does get hurt because he plays with reckless abandon, this is the best time for that staff to get the back-ups some practice.

Repition will be king when they are actually preparing to play a team (week after next) and Braxton needs to go against the scout team.

I think he knows this offense better than ever. Let’s let him play a few downs before we start calling for his retirement from college football.


Remember that I said the president of the university will lose and lose big? The latest is John Waters asking to be reinstated or basically he will sue. Who here believes TBDBITL will get their man back? (raises hand).

Here is last week’s ugly – repeated.

Speaking of the Ugly, how about I just be short and sweet. I have been in awe of the support that John Waters has received from former TBDBITL members and how that has been growing. I have been just as disappointed in the handling of this subject with respect to the University president and those who are trying to move on without addressing the issue. One thing I have learned from following stories like these is, if you ignore the masses, the masses will grow. Those supporting #WeStandWithJohnWaters and their twitter have gotten a remarkable following in such a short time and there is even a petition on that’s rolling right along.we stand with john

I do not understand the rush to judgement here. The university did the same thing with Jim O’Brien, which he would have been fired with due process anyway, but they had to pay him millions for wrongful termination. Probably not going to be millions with regards to John Waters, but they are going to pay the price in other ways. They have already ensured that alumnus money from former members will probably cease to exist. And have made an issue about hazing(not really, but okay) to a point where other groups will honestly target mirror lake jump and how college students dress at these games. I am guessing sports bras, boxers and full body paint will not be allowed in the stands, right?

I am not entirely sure that the president is going to survive his first termination in his post of THE Ohio State University. They can try to move on as much as they want with regards to hiring directors, they had to because they are getting ready for a marching season. The fact still remain they have a movement they are helping grow that eventually, the big money behind the school may slow down as well because of the attention it is getting in a bad way.

Weekly Funny

I would be remiss if I didn’t poke fun at my avocation.

My wife bought me this mug for fathers day, she loves me but hates officials!

My wife bought me this mug for fathers day, she loves me but hates officials!



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