What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Navy

The Buckeyes travel to Baltimore and finally get a chance to hit someone who isn’t a teammate. Are you paying attention Csont’e York?

With that said, our staffers offer up their wish list.

As for myself:

  • Throw the flag: Navy is infamous for their illegal chop blocks on almost every play. Let’s see them penalized.
  • Marshall, Marshall, Marshall: Redshirt freshman Jalin Marshall may be the best athlete of his recruiting class. Let’s hope he gets a chance to show what he can do.
  • Defense wins championships: A lot was said about the changes Urbs made with his defensive staff. Let’s see them hold the Midshipmen to 10 points or less.
  • A win.


  • The Distributor: JT needs to get the ball into the hands of Ohio State’s playmakers and make good decisions. I want to see him rise to the occasion that’s been placed on his shoulder.
  • Reloaded Bullets: Ohio State’s defense will need to be precise and disciplined … and I’m excited to see the attitude and swagger that Chris Ash has reportedly brought back to the Buckeye D.
  • The Game: Unfortunately, I don’t get to see it … another year of work related stuff on kickoff Saturday, plus my cable company pulling CBSSportsNetwork off my subscription in the middle of August.  So, I want to see the 125th version of Ohio State’s program … even if it’s on BTN replay.
  • Know The Snap Count: New O line, new QB … what could go wrong?


Target Acquired

Target Acquired


  • Who’s got Keenan Reynolds? He might go down as one of the top three quarterbacks in Naval Academy history and his arm has to be accounted for. His 31 rushing touchdowns last year put him in the NCAA record books. 
  • Stay Disciplined: Unlike most opening opponents, Navy isn’t going to give Ohio State field position via the penalty. They gave up the fewest penalty yards a game last season. That means Ohio State also has to stay discipline as Mali also pointed out.
  • Running Wild: All the talk is about Navy’s running attack. Ohio State’s backfield needs to take that personally. It’s time for EZE, Brionte, Rod Smith, and Curtis Samuel to run wild on the Navy defense.
  • A Great Game: We all here at tBBC respect and love our service academies and the teams that represent them. Here’s to a great game with no injuries and a personal thanks and full enjoyment to folks like WVaBuckeye who served in our Navy and are also Ohio State fans. We wouldn’t enjoy Saturdays and treat them as holidays without your service.


  • Silver-Bullets Reloaded: I want to see the defense finally be reloaded with silver-bullets. I do not believe that it has been entirely coaching for the past three seasons and think it was simply a lack of talent pushing the starters. Having them in the right places and being more agressive should help with the players the Buckeyes have. It’s NAVY so I want to see them force Ken Niumatalolo’s gang to throw the ball, which probably won’t happen. They like keeping it in the hands of the best athlete to ever play at the academy in Keenan Reynolds. 
  • The “Distributor”: This is Joe Thomas Barrett’s destiny, simply put, and a year early for sure. But he came to Ohio State for the opportunity to be their leader. I want to see him be a good distributor and at the same time grow a little this Saturday and keep it as well. He has some talent running the ball and a lot of America will go to sleep on him because hes “not Braxton.” Use the seven or eight weapons at his disposal.
  • Consistency: Start it right now, be consistent in the balance between the offense and the defense. Make a statement this weekend that one doesn’t have to win the game for the other. Both units be effective enough that each can do whatever they want while on the field. Make it possible that when a mistake is made by one, the other picks them up! I don’t want to see a team carried by an offense that is trying to break in a RS freshman QB. I want to see the contrary, a defense that makes it possible for him to grow slowly, he’s already been thrown into the fire.


Time To Shine

Time To Shine


  • No injuries
  • An Ohio State win: The rest is just detail, but since you asked.
  • Disciplined (again) assignment defense: Navy presents a unique offense, OSU can’t go flying around the field to where the ball might be. Keep the play in front of them.
  • JT gets the ball to his playmakers, handoffs, swing passes, whatever: He has enough help, get the RBs, WRs, TEs involved. I’m sure that Tom Herman has already thought of this. 
  • I’d like to see the offensive line play like a cohesive, veteran group: I was going to mention “false starts,” but you know Mali.


  • Defense: Disciplined, strong defense that tackles well. I want aggression.
  • JT’s boys I’m with all of you: I want to see who is ready to step up and take the yards left in Braxton’s absence. 
  • Special teams: Score. End of story. 
  • Speaking of JT: How about 180-220 and a couple of TDs in the air? That would certainly allow for some confidence levels to go up heading into a tough Virginia Tech defense next week. 
  • Florida: I am STILL waiting to see an Urban Meyer-led Buckeye team play loose, aggressive and have fun like his team at Florida did. Why not start now? 


  • Defense: After last season’s disappointing performances, I want to see the defense moving in the right direction.  I’m not asking for anything spectacular, just good, solid defense and good tackling.
  • Good bounce back from JT: It will be Barrett’s first start and he will make mistakes.  I want to see that he can shake off those mistakes and not let them impact his play.
  • TBDBTL getting back to business: It has been an ugly month for the marching band and I want to see them show the world that they will not let all of the distractions stop them from living up to their nickname.


  • Offensive Line: Everyone says it’s the weakness. We know we have the horses behind them, let’s see this unit get off to a hot start. 
  • Secondary: This game may not give them a chance to prove their worth but two things to look for is sure tackling and when they do throw the ball, solid pass defense. I hope we see some press coverage. 

Next Man Up


  • Braxton who? Not really but: Back in my day, we had some “issues” with a guy named Robert Smith quitting the team. Week one after he left, a RB named Butler By’Not’e ran all over the field and spawned a few T-shirts that said “Robert who? The Butler did it!” Not that I want the fans to forget Braxton Miller, but I want somebody in scarlet and gray to have such an amazing game, and we have an explosion of euphoria that will allow fans to forget the pain that we all felt when Tim May broke the news last week about Miller’s shoulder.


  • Secondary competence: The last three games of last season were painful, primarily due to the lack of quality secondary play. Lets see if all the talk this off season about improvements to the talent and scheme (primarily scheme) is more than just talk.
  • Effective offense: Last week’s news hurt, but I’m confident JT Barrett will be ready to go. The burning question is if the offense as a whole can operate as an effective unit, particularly with the young O-Line. I’m not asking for a pinball machine scoreboard here, just a team that can get it together and get the ball down the field.
  • Lots of turnovers, for the other guys: There are lots of young guys working the offense. Lets play smart and keep the turnovers low. In the same breath, the defense needs to be very disruptive. Take the ball away as much as you can fellas.
  • Football: I’ve had the shakes for a week now. I just want to see some freaking football! Let’s get this off-season over with!


  • Tackling Dummies? I want to see this defense get nasty. We have seemed to be passive in the recent years and are tackling hasn’t been good at all. It’s time to get nasty and bring the heat against Navy
  • JT Touchdown! It’s horrible news about Braxton but the show must go on. I want to see JT Barrett scoring touchdowns with his legs and most importantly his arm!


  • Defense: I’m excited to see what the Silver Bullets will do with this triple-option business and a renewed sense of confidence in press coverage. There will be a lot of youngins out there on D so hopefully there will be as few freshman mistakes as possible.

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