What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Virginia Tech

Navy is in the rearview mirror, thank goodness.

It’s Virginia Tech week. The biggest thing for me this week is to make sure I spell Virginia right. Autocorrect, please be my friend this week. Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.

So what the heck is Beamer Ball anyway? Is that like a Policeman’s Ball or a one of these?

I digress.

Urban Meyer said his offense was too vanilla. So in the spirit of ice cream, here is what I hope to see:

Jalin Marshall receives his All-American jersey from your's truly, a former American Family Insurance agent.

Jalin Marshall receives his All-American jersey from your’s truly, a former American Family Insurance agent.

  • Neapolitan: Let’s see all of the flavors of offense get involved in a ton of different ways. Maybe a reverse? Halfback pass? Jalin Marshall was a QB in high school. And a darn good one. He was an Under Armour All-American. Maybe he can throw out of the backfield.
  • Nuts: I want to see the defense flying around creating all kinds of havoc. I understand the Silver Bullets had to “stay home” and be disciplined against Navy. Let’s see them take some risks and make plays. May the Hokies crazy.
  • Whipped Cream: Va Tech likes to score on special teams. Let’s see OSU show them how it’s really done.
  • Cherry: A win.


  • Improvement: The team should always be striving to improve every week.  We often hear that the biggest gains are made between week one and week two.  Lets see that happen.
  • Smart Special Teams Play:  You are facing Beamer Ball.  This means two things.  One of those things is his team likes to make big special teams plays.  Keep your wits about you and get the job done.
  • Turnovers Only For the Other Side: This would be number two.  Beamer Ball is famous for big turnovers.  Don’t let it happen except in your favor.
  • A Defense That Swarms to the Football:  We saw a bit of this last week.  I want to see more.  Add to that “wrapping up” and “good fundamentals” and I’ll be pretty happy.
  • Injury Free: A long season still ahead of Ohio State, we need everyone healthy.
  • A Win: Always nice to have, but this is a “big name” early season opponent. Time to show what Buckeyes are made of.
  • No Turnovers: VT’s defense will be looking to shake the ball loose from young QB/RB’s. It can’t happen.
  • +200 yds Running/+200 yds Passing:  JT & Co need to be effective and efficient this week.
Baby, You're A Firework

Baby, You’re A Firework


  • Get Off to a Good Start: Last week was a bit of a slow start before things got going in the second half.  I want to see the team get off to a stronger start in this one.
  • Tackling: I’m going to keep banging that drum until I see consistent, fundamentally sound tackling from the defense.
  • More Open Playbook:  JT did well in the second half against Navy when he was allowed to do more.  With another week of practice under his belt, he should be able to handle more of the playbook.
  • TBDBTL Magic:  Many of the band’s best shows in recent years have been at night games.  A classic TV songs show seems to bode well for something special.
  • Special TD: Everyone talks about VA Tech’s ability to score special teams touchdowns. How about we give them a taste of their own medicine? Not being picky here … any special teams TD will do.
  • Let Him Play:  The coaches seemed to be conservative in their play calling in order to not throw Barrett to the wolves. We caught some glimpses of what he could in the second half of the Navy game.  Let’s open it up a little bit and see what this kid can do.
  • O-line Stability: It’s time to make a decision. Pick the five best guys and let them start to learn each others tendencies and work together. 
  • Break One 2: I’d like to see Dontre Wilson explode and take one long distance either in the special teams area or out of the backfield.
  • Pass Defense: Navy’s 4 passing attempts didn’t give us much of a look at how well the Silver Bullets revamped secondary is going to handle the pass.
  • More of the Same: Another steady performance from JT Barrett and they win going away. Don’t try and do too much.
Wear Scarlet, Stand and Shout

Wear Scarlet, Stand and Shout


  • The Shoe: One of the greatest home field advantages just got bigger, and we’ll be seeing it at night for the first time. This may be the largest crowd Virginia Tech has ever faced, let’s make sure they never forget it.
  • Scarlet Wall: The offensive line struggled early on Saturday, and will be facing a much better defense and scheme this week. If Ohio State’s front five play up to their coaches’ expectations, it will be a long night for the visitors from Blacksburg.
  • That Being Said: Can we go two weeks in a row without you know what?
  • Release The Hydra: Nope, Carlos ain’t walking through that door… but there’s a multi-headed beast in the Buckeye Backfield; time to shine in prime time.  Oh, and JT? Feel free to keep the ball on option plays if the read is there. We trust you.
  • Exceptional Teams: Eric talked about this already, to win this game you have to win the special teams battles.
  • New Sheriff In Town? Darron Lee stood up and surprised us all with his exceptional play against Navy … will we see another new name do the same?
  • Gunslinger Part Two: Todd Boeckman got a pretty good nickname because he was pretty quick to get rid of the football, he lost his starting job to a guy who had some major ups running the football but could also “sling” it. I believe the strength of JT is his passing game and they should challenge teams to stop it, while opening up the run opportunities. I’d like to see the “kid” go over 300 in just his second game.
  • Silver Bullet’s Yet?  I think they held their own on Saturday against a very efficient triple option team. I don’ think they are quite back to glory day status yet, but I want to see us come close to calling them the silver bullet’s once again this Saturday night.
  • TE’s Please? I for one know that Heuerman blocked his tail off this past Saturday, and also know that in itself makes him a very dangerous weapon. On the play that JT threw the pick, Vannette was wide open in the back of the EZ, I know that he’s got specific reads for now, but his “hot” routes should be the TEs. They’re almost always open.

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