What Will You Be Doing On November 27?

We’ve covered this before, but wanted to give all seven of our readers a chance to give us feedback.

The very definition of "snazzy"

tBBC has been approached by a national publication (nope, can’t tell you which one. You’ve heard of it. Trust me.) who’s looking for

… an interesting Buckeye alumni story revolving around the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry that we could publish at the time of this year’s game. For example, perhaps it’s a story about a group of alumni who gather every year to attend the game and have gone to extremes to do so like ride a yak through the Mongolian desert or rowed solo across vast bodies of water; maybe it’s about a rivalry between a group of Ohio State alumni vs. Michigan alumni and the tricks they’ve played on each other over the years; or maybe it’s about a tailgate-BBQ contest that a bunch of alumni hold at the game every year.

Is this you? Has The Game always been an important part of your and/or your family’s life? If so, please email us at thebuckeyebattlecry (at) gmail.com; we’ll forward the best stories onto them. We’ll link to the story when it hits the press, and let you know where you can go to get copies and whatnot.

We’ve gotten a number of good entries, and will be submitting them all next Friday (September 24).

Thanks for playing along!

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