Pick ‘Em Week Two: Newbie In The Lead

Well, if Wisconsin hadn’t choked, yours truly would be off to a good start defending his Pick ’em title. darttoss

But I accept being a game behind after one week. I have Ken right where he wants me. Or something like that.

The Newbie is already talking smack.

I’m in the lead and all is right in the Cosmos,” Ken said. 

It’s a one-game lead, dude. Settle down.

We both missed on Washington State. I had Central Florida over State Penn. Ken had it the other way. I took Cal over Northwestern. Ken chose to stay true to the B1G. For some reason he picked LSU.

Funny thing is, when he was talking smack, his email referred to ND-UCF and luck of the Irish. I should dock him a game for that comment, since ND didn’t play UCF. Unless I missed something. Ken?

Anyhoo. On to week 2.

Some interesting games this week.

Ken says PSU doesn’t need a last second FG to beat Akron; the Boilermakers and The Hat barely beat Central Michigan and a second-half collapse won’t hurt the Badgers against another directional Illinois.

He likes Rutgers to beat Howard. Howard’s logo is the same “Charging Bull” as a certain NFL team. That’s all you need to know. Ouch. Illinois will handle Western Kentucky but the defense better be ready as  the WKU QB threw for 569 yds/6 TDs last week. Ken says Maryland will edge South Florida and Nebraska will beat McNeese State in the Seriously II? game.

Northern Illinois visits Northwestern and Ken is hoping that Wildcats can play 60 minutes of football this week. Iowa should handle Ball State in a game that David Letterman won’t think is funny.

The Minnesota Gophers will have no trouble with sixth directional school on B1G’s schedule this week and Sparty will find out Oregon is not Jacksonville State. Only because it’s a home game, Ken is picking Notre Dame. Besides, it’s played same time as OSU-VT game, so you won’t be watching it.

BeamerBall comes to Columbus 1-0. BeamerBall leaves Columbus 1-1.

This seems like an odd time for a bye week, but Ken is going with Indiana.

I hate to do this but in all honesty, I’m going with the same picks Ken is. I can’t find a game I could pick differently just to do it and feel good about myself.  But I will say two teams will have to either score late or hang on late to survive a horrible loss: Illinois and Purdon’t.

Scott kind of feels like this today. Don't mess with him.

Scott kind of feels like this today. Don’t mess with him.

So to recap: Aw hell. Just go back up and read it again if you can’t remember. I’m tired and testy.

Standings after one week:
Ken: 12-2
Scott: 11-3



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