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Week 1 Pick ’em: Here We Go Again

Pick ’em has returned.

Yes. We’re going to do it again. It’s on. (I apologize for the advertisements in the video links. Nothing I can do about that.)

After unceremoniously defeating Gary in come-from-behind fashion last year, I am back to take on a new “challenger” – Ken – in our weekly pick ’em game. Ken, buddy, you’re going down.

The rules are simple. Ken and I will each pick the B1G games for the week. We may pick the same teams. We may not. I may switch it up just to switch it up. Then again, I may not.

We will keep track each week, and let you know how far behind Ken is each week before making new picks.

Yup, the trash talking has begun.

Week 1 doesn’t really feature much. The premier game is Wisconsin against LSU in one of them there neutral site games.

I like the Badgers. Well, I hate the Badgers. But I like them in this game only because I despise the SEC.

Give me Minnesota over Eastern Michigan (yay directional schools) and Washington State over Rutgers on Thursday.

Sparty will squeak by Jacksonville State by a few touchdowns.

On Saturday I like UCF to beat State Penn, Indiana to clobber Indiana State, Iowa to dispose of Northern Iowa and App – uh, Michigan to beat App. State.

But just for the heck of it. Let’s enjoy the upset one more time.

Purdue will beat the directional Michigan from the west side while Illinois will beat Youngstown State. Dolly Madison will have too many turnovers against Maryland, Cal will upset Northwestern and Nebraska will beat Florida Atlantic.

Of course, OSU will clobber Navy.

Ken likes Kill’s Killers to clobber Eastern Illinios and Rutgers to travel across the country for a beatdown.

The Sparty game is “off” the betting line. Ken says your TV should be off too as Sparty romps. Ken is going with the underdog Nittany Lions behind the arm of Christian O’Hackenberg. If Indiana finds any defense at all the Hoosiers will beat the Sycamores, so says Ken.

He likes Iowa over Northern Iowa and TTUN over Appy State. Purdue beats Western Michigan, Illinois beats Youngstown State as long as Tressel doesn’t show up on the sideline and Maryland wins its opener over James Madison in a game better suited for a basketball court.

Ken takes Northwestern over Cal in a battle of the brainiacs, LSU over the Badgers and Nebraska to roll without a good QB.

Of course, he takes OSU over the least tasty of the beans. Navy.


So to sum it up Scott takes: Minnesota; Washington State; Sparty; UCF; Indiana; Iowa; *ichigan; Purdue; Illinois; Maryland; Cal; Nebraska; OSU and Wisconsin.

Ken counters with: Minnesota; Washington State; Sparty; State Penn; Indiana; Iowa; TTUN; Purdue;  Illinois; Maryland; Northwestern; Nebraska OSU and LSU.

We disagree on three games.



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