One Fan's Opinion: A Tale Of Two Seasons

Major Award winner Ken has submitted the following guest post for your perusal and enjoyment… I want to thank the staff at tBBC for the opportunity to post an article. I also want to thank the Thurman’s, Dave and Drew, of The Silver Bullet, for mentoring me on the ways and mysteries of sports blogging, […]

Video Evidence: 2010 In Review

Sure, we’ve got the spring game on Saturday, but after that it’ll be a big case of the Mondays until fall practice starts back up.  Hopefully, summer won’t be too newsworthy, if you know what I mean. Luckily our friend Robby Donoho has just released his 2010 Season Highlight video to hold us over until […]

2010 Terrelle Pryor > 2005 Troy Smith?

Although there is still a game or two left between various college football teams around the country, for Ohio State and its fans, the waiting game has begun. Having put the finishing touches on an 11-1 regular season with a convincing 37-7 victory over Michigan on Saturday, the Buckeyes now wait to see who and […]