Hold up Football fans…. Before you come after me with a slingshot full of Silver Bullet glory, we need to talk. You see, there is an incoming freshman to the class of 2012 that is an extremely talented athlete. Not only does he have the god given ability to play football – his drive to be the best has him as a top prospect in this year’s class.

Cincinnati Taft defensive end Adolphus Washington might be best known as the top football prospect this year out of the state of Ohio. Others across the country see him a top five player this year at his position. For Me, Aldolpus will forever go down as the guy that first gave us hope on a new Urban Development in Columbus.  When asked about whether he was worried about the coaching staff at his college announcement, Washington responded that he was excited to play for the Urban Legacy.

It was at that moment when Ohio State football junkies reached for their needles nearest social media device to share what had come to pass.

Not only had one of the most promising recruits of the class become a Buckeye after one of the most enduring seasons in school history. In the same moment, a never ending dark tunnel filled with exposed truths shed some light at the end of it.

Fast forward six months later and on the hardwood, this great university is about to begin a new era of basketball. William Buford and Jared Sullinger begin a new phase in their respected careers, as they look to make the jump to the professional basketball ranks. Two pieces of the future in J.D. Weatherspoon and Jordan Siebert have moved on to different programs.

Meanwhile Deshaun Thomas and Aaron Craft begin their assault on the Big Ten as undoubted leaders of Thad Matta’s well oiled machine. With them is an assorted mix of talent. From the size of Amir Williams, to the shot of LaQuinton Ross, the precision of Shannon Scott and all-around durability of Lenzelle Smith Jr –this team is going to be a top contender in the conference.

Yet this year’s top recruit on the football field could add a much needed spark on the basketball court. Read More

Adolphus Washington Is A Buckeye!!

Written November 22nd, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Mr. Washington

As you just watched live on Fox Sports Ohio and tBBC, Cincinnati Taft standout Adolphus Washington has become the latest member of the Ohio State class of 2011.

A member of the Army All-American team, Scout has Adolphus as a five star recruit, the number three defensive end in the nation, and the top player in the state of Ohio.

A 6′ 5″ student athlete who is projected as an outside linebacker/defensive end, Washington has been high on the Ohio State target list for 2012.

His offer list included Cincinnati, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, Southern Cal, Oregon, Texas, Texas A&M, Michigan State, Miami, Michigan, Florida State, Pittsburgh, among others… although many believe he was strong Buckeye lean for a while now. In fact, most of this article was written back in August when he was believed to have verballed to the coaching staff prior to the beginning of the 2011 season.

A stellar basketball player as well, Washington brings a lot to the table athletically. Statistically, he runs a 4.6- 4.7 40 yard dash, and is listed as having over 119 tackles and 17 sacks during his junior year.

Video after the jump-

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Buckeye Recruiting Special: Adolphus Washington and Dwayne Stanford

Written November 22nd, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Today, we partner with Fox Sports Ohio and the folks at Scout to bring you live coverage of the verbal commitments of Buckeye targets Adolphus Washington and Dwayne Stanford.

Washington is assessed as a five star recruit by Scout, the number three defensive end in the nation, and the top player in the state of Ohio.  Stanford is a three star wide receiver, and the fiftieth player nationally at that position; both have been selected to the Army All American team.

Afterward, stick around for some the opportunity for some Q&A with the student athletes and recruiting expert Bill Greene.


Ohio State vs. Wisconsin in Pictures

Written October 31st, 2011 by Jim

As usual, friend of tBBC Josh Winslow was in The Horseshoe Saturday night to bring us some outstanding photos of the game. Here are some of our favorites, and make sure to check out the rest at his site.


It was a big night for recruiting, and Canton GlenOak RB Brionte Dunn was one of many recruits in attendance.

Click here for many more pictures from the game.

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Wrapping up the 2012 Recruiting Class

Written October 25th, 2011 by Jim

After a long hiatus, it’s time to jump back in with some recruiting talk.

Adverse circumstances surrounding the program have obviously impacted recruiting for months, but the 2012 class still has an opportunity to be pretty darn good.

The key will be finishing strong, and the Buckeyes look to be in a great position to do just that.

The biggest concern, as it has been for months, continues to be along the offensive line. Regardless of how the ’12 class finishes, the depth issues there may not be resolved until the ink is dry on the ’13 class.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, here is a look at how the 2012 class will wind down. Read More

Ohio State’s Top Targets in the 2012 Class

Written April 29th, 2011 by Jim

Tom Strobel at the Spring Game.

As summer camps approach, the Ohio State coaching staff will be looking to continue narrowing down their top targets in the 2012 class.

While they have already seen many players at camp in previous years, they will get one last one-on-one evaluation period before making the final push for their top targets over the summer and fall.

A lot can happen between a players junior and senior years of high school, and as always, some surprise camp offers will likely emerge.

Most of the time, the camp offers replace national prospects that received token early offers. More often than not, the chances of landing some of the national prospects are slim to none from the beginning. You offer just to be sure and to establish contact with coaches and programs around the country.

At this point, the staff has a good idea of the national prospects with legitimate interest, making it possible to evaluate players with an eye on replacing current offers with no interest in the Buckeyes.

Before summer camp evaluations and a new round of offers, here is a look at Ohio State’s early offers that they still have an above average shot at landing. Read More

Recruiting Update: 4/27/11

Written April 27th, 2011 by Jim

The 2011 class was well represented (L to R: Nick Vannett, Tony Underwood, Doran Grant, Kenny Hayes, Curtis Grant, Evan Spencer, Conner Crowell, Michael Bennett) at the spring game, but the 2012 class appears to be on hold. Here's hoping for some positive action during camps this summer.

With Ohio State’s NCAA hearing scheduled for August 12th, Buckeye fans are in for a long and uncertain summer. Barring any impact the negative press may have on recruiting, fans can at least hope for good news for the 2012 class in the coming weeks and months (Frank Epitropoulos’ commitment yesterday was a nice starter).

The news won’t really start picking up until camps this summer, but there have been several new offers since our last big board update.

In what is becoming a clear trend, the Buckeyes recently offered several additional prospects at receiver, and it is clear that the staff is planning on taking at least two players there this year.

For the latest updates on all of Ohio State’s targets and verbal offers in the 2012 class, remember to check out the links on our 2012 big board.

For the newest offers and players that have been dropped from the board, as well as some general recruiting buzz Read More

Recruiting Update: 2012 Kickoff

Written February 7th, 2011 by Jim

Offensive tackle Kyle Kalis is one of five already committed players in the 2012 class.

Now that the ink has dried on the 2011 recruiting class, it is officially time to start looking ahead to 2012… recruiting has no off season. The 2012 class is projected to have a relatively low number of scholarships, which is a shame given the huge amount of talent present in Ohio and across the country.

With 5 players already in the fold, the Buckeyes will be looking to add approximately 10-15 additional prospects over the next 12 months. Like 2011, the class will fill up quickly (primarily with in-state players), leaving the coaches plenty of time to focus on a small number of elite out-of-state targets that will take a bit longer to reel in.

Regardless of who the Buckeyes sign, disappointment is inevitable in 2012. Ohio State will miss on some extremely talented players simply because there won’t be room for them. The in-state players heading abroad will be particularly difficult to witness, but you play the hand you are dealt.

For the record, number crunches like Ohio State is facing in 2012 are exactly why oversigning provides such a huge advantage for certain teams, but I digress.

Check out our 2012 Recruiting Big Board and read on for an early look at the class. Read More