Wednesday Night Rumble: The Dead Period Trudges On

Another week rolls on toward the start of camp as the “dead period” continues to trudge forward with it. That doesn’t mean we don’t have Buckeye sports items/thingy’s to talk about. And what are the Cleveland Cavaliers going to do now that they have the first pick in the NBA’s draft lottery for the second […]

This… Is… Silver Bullet Points

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived Bloody Tuesday… don’t you just hate corporate bonding retreats?  Here’s some happy music to get you through the day. Buckeye 411 Seeking Hyde- Tuesday, Coach Meyer indicated that all signs pointed to Carlos Hyde being cleared to play this weekend against Michigan State, but admitted that they’d know more […]

The Easiest Countdown Day of the Year: 45 to go!

For some nice background on why Archie Griffin is the greatest, check out  this post from the guys over at Eleven Warriors. 5,589 rushing yards and 31 straight 100 yard games, yeah, good stuff. I also threw in some Katzenmoyer in for good measure. Bad ass linebackers, Ohio State has got them.

Looking at the Linebackers: Week 4

And now it is time for the much anticipated return of my look at the various position groups this season. [crowd cheers loudly] Thank you. I wasn’t sure which group I should go back and look at first, or when I should go back and re-evaluate each position, but I figure after three games we […]

Thank you, Mrs. Griffin!

Back in the day (more specifically, the mid-70s), you could easily find dozens of cars with a simple bumper sticker that read “Thank you, Mrs. Griffin”. It was a tribute to the woman who gave birth to three sons who were all football stars for Ohio State. One of them you still hear about. Our […]