Urban Meyer in the snow

Are You Not Entertained? *ichigan State

Didn’t that just suck? I know it’s not the end of the word, especially since it’s *ichigan week.  But I just don’t feel up to talking about the game against *SU. So let’s just move on to the recap of how everything we wanted to see never happened.   Scott A decisive win: FailMali Buckeye Big […]

Are You Not Entertained? Florida A & M

After an embarrassing blowout of FAMU….let’s check out how our wishes faired: Patrick Duel Threat –   Carlos Hyde and Jordan Hall with 100 yards. Want to see Hyde get in there with the 1st O line and run over people. Sorry Hyde and Hall….this was Elliott’s day! Less Penalties – Penalties are killing this […]

You Are Not Entertained: The Game

Well, let’s try to put a bow on this, shall we? Silk purse, sow’s ear and all that… Actually, there’s a lot to be positive about looking back at the team’s efforts against TTUN– and some things that definitely need attention. Eric Defensive Heart. Depends on who you’re looking at- Shazier played his heart out, […]

You Are Not Entertained: Penn State

Well, that was awkward. Was there anything salvageable about yesterday’s dose of disappointment? Eric Ohio Stadium–  Check. C-Deck, Ahoy. The Best from Buckeye Fans- A number of sources said that PSU fans and players were treated with respect and dignity, so good job on this. Here’s hoping that it catches on for the next trip […]