Happy 3rd Birthday to The BBC

Allow us a moment of celebration….today is our birthday! During the early stages of the magical 2006 season, I was a big fan of a few different Ohio State blogs, including Men of the Scarlet and Gray, Eleven Warriors, and Around The Oval (which is now an administrative blog for Ohio State academics).  I loved […]

"Are we 11-0 already?", updated…..

Three weeks ago, I asked the question “Are we 11-0 already?”. At the time, we were actually 5-0, but were facing a string of 6 consecutive weak opponents. I took criticism and praise for suggesting this. Around The Oval agreed with me immediately, while personal friends claimed I was tempting fate and daring it to […]

"Bad Day" remix??? YES!

Some of you recognize my video work, especially this classic, called “Texas Had A Bad Day”. Around The Oval said it “just about summed it up for Texas and their fans”, and MotSAG said I was “just being mean” (but I think they were being sarcastic). I’ve seen a number of e-mails come in to […]

The best single-sentence summary I can find

As I browse the sports section looking for commetary on the Ohio State victory over Penn State (or any other victory), I like to look for little nuggets of wisdom. With the defense clicking and the offense finding the magic when needed, everyone has a lot to say about our beloved boys in scarlet. But […]