Buckeyes In The Fantasy World

If you’re like most football fans you probably play some form of fantasy football.  It gives me the ability to have a rooting interest in any NFL game I watch.  I also like to have hometown players on my team but since I live in Cleveland that’s not such a good idea.  So if you’re […]

Offensive Tackle: Key to the Season

In my last post, I looked at the linebacker situation at Ohio State. Talking LB’s is one of my favorite topics and I think Ohio State’s linebacker tradition stacks up against any team in the country (I’m looking at you Penn State). While it is fun to envision our LBs running around laying the smack down on some hapless Big […]

Random thoughts as the season approaches

Some random thoughts floating around my skull tonight…… —————- The Buckeyes have a LOT to live up to this year, and it’s much much more than a fifth straight Big Ten title and another crack at a big BCS bowl game. Ohio State is more than just the champions of this league four straight years. […]

The Beanie Hop

Today we pay tribute to Ohio State’s 4th leading rusher of all time. Our hero for the past three seasons, Chris “Beanie” Wells. I was conflicted about putting Beanie in today’s spot, because the timing was slightly bad. You see, yesterday was Beanie’s 21st birthday, and the one day difference between that and day #28….well, […]

Pepe Pearson will fight you in a cage

We’re entering the home stretch now. 29 days until kickoff, and our hero today is none other than #29, Pepe Pearson. Pearson currently stands at #6 in the list of all-time rushing yardage at Ohio State. Beanie Wells passed him last year. His 1996 season may have been one of the best ever put together […]

Lydell Ross is your friend

Being a running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes this decade was certainly interesting. It always had it’s highs, and it had it’s lows. But it was always interesting. Especially for our RBs, it was either sink or swim, and you know who the swimmers were. On the field, they carried the names of Beanie, […]

James Laurinaitis – You can't stop him and you can't spell his name

They told us again and again and again that he wasn’t going to be a great linebacker. He’s too small. He’s overrated. He’s not even a good linebacker. But enough about what Penn State fans think. Every game I watched, Little Animal got better and better. And when I was there for his final home […]

Raymont Harris – Day #34

Raymont Harris graduated from the Ohio State University in the Top 5 of all-time Buckeye running backs. His 2,649 yards were mostly from bowling over defenders, and generally proving the cliche’ about “running downhill”. Since his departure from Columbus, five more backs have since passed him on the all-time yardage list (Eddie George, Pepe Pearson, […]

John Borton is finally in the Hall Of Fame

Nearly three years ago, I began this blog for multiple reasons, all of which had to do with my love of Ohio state football. One of those reasons, as I stated in my inaugural post, was a quarterback from the 50’s named John Borton. In the mid-to-late 80s, I became friends with a wonderful person […]

Why Ohio State will win the Fiesta Bowl

OK, so we’ve all seen the “teh Big Ten suuuucks” comments all over the place, and we know that nobody outside of this glorious state isn’t giving the Buckeyes a chance in hell tomorrow night.  But let’s take a step back from the bash-fest and discuss what I think will happen in Arizona. Ohio State […]

It’s officially Michigan Week

Bring it on, bitches! Ohio State, fresh off a 30-20 win at Illinois, now gets to focus on That Team Up North without looking past anybody. The Buckeyes return home for their final regular season game at 9-2, while TTUN comes to Columbus at 3-8. Today’s game was rather anti-climactic, but any fan of the […]

I can’t believe what I just saw

It’s a nice fall day here in northeast Ohio, and I’m finishing up raking the leaves in my front yard. A squirrel just climbed down the tree near my front door, and began sprinting towards the street, racing right past me.  When the squirrel got near me, it did a little dodge-and-weave around me, and […]

Iowa's biggest weakness

Jim Tressel and company does not need me to tell them what Iowa’s weaknesses are. They already know. But since I did the research, I’d better spread the knowledge, because who knows….maybe one of my readers has no idea what that weakness might be. It’s their run defense. Iowa is not capable of slowing down […]