Black out


(Here is an article from guest writer Brandon from The Islands. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.) HOW FIRM THY FRIENDSHIP It is something that is embedded into your make up as a young child growing up in Ohio or as a supplanted Buckeye family. It is really hard for anyone […]

Behind Enemy Lines: Bucks Conquer Berkeley

In lieu of “Shots From The ‘Shoe” this week, here’s what the day was like for Ohio State fans as the team was on the road. We’ve covered the ins and outs on the field, this is more of a travelogue from gameday. Seemingly like the rest of Buckeye Nation, I made the trek north […]

2013 Ohio State Women's Football Clinic

Our friend Clair participated in Saturday’s fantastic event at the WHAC; I guess when they put you on the poster, it’s kinda’ a required thing.  She’s been gracious to jot down her perspective on the experience- she’s more than just your average fan, as you’ll see.  Be sure to give her

Behind Enemy Lines: A Trip to Un-Happy Valley

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Happy Valley to see the Buckeyes play on the road.  If you read my previous article about Penn State, you know I don’t exactly have warm, fuzzy feelings for the Nittany Lions and their fans, so when I decided to travel to State College, I was […]