Wednesday Night Rumble: Hoops and Clowns?

The Buckeye basketball teams backs are against the wall. A big time football player is rumored to be contemplating sitting out a season to his protect draft status and financial future. It’s Wednesday night, let’s rumble! Hoops getting interesting As you’re reading this, or maybe after you read this or a little before you read […]

Leaders and Legends- Continued

Guest post from our friend Lurking_Michael… great work, bro- I’m guessing you want one of these for Christmas, right? Legends and Leaders? After completely screwing the pooch with their non-geographic divisional alignment, this task was not going to be easy, but I can’t imagine that a worse job could be done. The “winners” – Legends […]

Conference Expansion Update and Rumor Mongering

Update – Special Rules for Texas and ND? Interesting addition, posted by the same guy who infuriated Delaney so much with his previous information releases. Update 2- Boise State to the Mountain West? Is this an attempt to replace Utah or keep them from jumping to the Pac-10? Update 3- BSU to MWC, officially. Update […]

Reports: Nebraska receives official invite to join Big Ten

Breaking news. Update: This is not just a re-post of the Omaha World-Herald article, that is cited to support speculation that Nebraska will actually join the conference. Multiple sources have confirmed this morning that an official offer has been extended to Nebraska by the Big Ten. Update two: Orangebloods is reporting that the Nebraska board […]