Ohio State 2013-14 Highlights

Over at the Big Ten Network, they’ve put together this highlight package from the 2013-14 football and basketball seasons, as a prep for the Big 10K race in Chicago. Even if you’re not running in the event, this should get you ready to run through a wall or two:

Silver Bullet Points Provide Distraction

Look, I know that today’s SBP is the girl that you’re dancing with while you’re looking around the club for that special someone else.  I can live with that, and assure you that the news you’re refreshing your computer for will be here around… say… 10:00 or so. In the meantime this is stuck in […]

Welcome, Children of the Corn

Today marks the day that it becomes official, that the University of Nebraska becomes a part of the B1G Ten. Well, there goes the neighborhood… Since we were one of the first sites to break the news, and since we’ve picked up a great group of Nebraska readers and regulars, it only makes sense to […]