Paint Crew

Across The Web: Purdue

Our BloguinBros from West Lafayette dropped by and gave us insight on tomorrow’s huge conference matchup between two teams on a hot streak. We did the same for them… be sure to check that out as well! The Boilermakers are on a bit of a tear lately, 3 consecutive B1G wins. Two of these have […]


tBBC Guest Roundtable: B1G West Division

Unlike the frenetic B1G East, the folks in the B1G-W are a bit more laid back. Maybe it’s because they’re an hour closer to California. I sat down over coffee with two fine blogs, Madtown Badgers and Lake The Posts. Madtown Badgers is a once-source site for All Things Wisconsin. At least, that’s what their […]

Buckeye Battle Cry Bug

A New Day For tBBC

Welcome to The Buckeye Battlecry 6.0… the latest incarnation of your favorite corner of the interwebs. Inspired by the new digs in the Ohio State Basketball and Football facilities as well as

Across The Web: Purdue Boilermakers

Our weekly visit with “enemy” bloggers comes to a screeching halt in front of the palatial mansion that houses the Boiled Sports braintrust– greatest building in the city limits, since they tore the West Lafayette Women’s Clinic down. The fellers were good enough to not kick us off of their porch, and instead gave us […]

Don't wear scarlet at the game Saturday!!!!

Our friends at Boiled Sports, a Purdue blog, have brought something to our attention and we want to spread the word. If you’re going to Bloomington for the Ohio State game this weekend, I have a warning for you – Indiana is going to use you. Indiana University Memorial Stadium has made a few renovations […]