Are you not Entertained? Wisconsin

There’s only one correct answer to this question after last night’s performance – totally entertained. This team stepped up and got a huge win over a good team exactly when they needed it the most. Plus, who doesn’t get entertained watching Wisconsin lose? That holds double for when they lose to the Buckeyes. Chris: Controlling […]

Buckeye Liveblog: Steenking Badgers

It’s time for another great Buckeye LiveBlog, after we spent a week scouting our next opponent – the Wisconsin Badgers. As usual, we’re joined by Our Honor Defend, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, Silver Bullets blog, and Fox Sports Ohio. The game starts at 8 pm Eastern, the liveblog is scheduled to get going […]

Across The Web: Wisconsin

This week, we’ve got our friend and the guy in charge of Bucky’s Fifth Quarter, Adam Hoge, joining us for a little give and take. This is his third visit to tBBC , and it worked well for Buckeye hoops, but not so much for pigskin… Be sure to check out our side of the […]

What do you Want to see on Saturday? Wisconsin Edition

It’s time. The one Buckeye fans have had circled for the last 12 months is finally here. The team can claim all it wants that it isn’t thinking about revenge, but you just know they want to pop the Badgers one tomorrow. Let’s see what the guys asked for, shall we? Chris: Controlling the line […]

tBBC Radio Hour: Wisconsin Preview

Eric, Jim and Joe Dexter are back again, just like OSU football! The three guys sit around their mics to help you get ready for the upcoming matchup with Wisconsin this Saturday. They spend time discussing the Michigan State stunner over Wisconsin, and what that may mean in light of Ohio State’s tight battle with […]

CFB LiveBlog: Wisconsin at MSU

In lieu of the lack of Scarlet and Gray football we’re running a liveblog on the best game available – Wisconsin and Michigan State! At the very least, it gives us an opportunity to scout Wisconsin going into the Buckeye game. Remember that the Buckeyes want Michigan State to win to help improve their chances […]

The Week That Were: 10.15.11

Today, we join with racing fans in mourning the loss of Indianapolis 500 champion Dan Wheldon. As such, this week’s soundtrack has a bit of a somber tone. We give ESPN/ABC a lot of criticism, but they got this one right– Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends. This week was very very special […]

Barbarians At The Gate: Heirs To The Throne?

This morning, we continue our examination of “The Potential Decline And Fall of the Buckeye Empire”-  in our last adventure, we talked about the stuff that’s all over the news and all over the WHAC.  Today’s journey will look more closely at two of the factors that can change the course of history on the […]

Rose Bowl: Texas Christian vs. Wisconsin

Don’t forget to join us on Saturday for our All Day Livechat! Unless you’d rather take down your Christmas Tree… Grandaddy of them all… TCU (12-0) vs. Wisconsin (11-1) Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio, Pasadena, CA History The history of the Rose Bowl speaks for itself, and is known as “The Grandaddy of them all” for a reason.  […]

The Week That Were: 11.20.10

If you’re not already listening to the soundtrack for today’s TWTW, do so. Immediately. Greetings from 30,000 feet… yup, this is being typed from somewheres over El Paso Texas. Thank God for tBBC’s generous expense account.  A couple folks have asked- I had to travel this week for business. No, not work related; the business […]

The Week That Were: 11.13.10

Time once again to take a look back at all the fancy doin’s in the realm of college football.  This week’s theme music reminds you to not call it a comeback… Some sad news to end the weekend: Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Southern Miss players who were shot last night following […]

Badgers Play Buckeyes Tough and Secure 31-18 Victory

Ohio State traveled to the hostile confines of Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin to take on the Badgers.  Unfortunately, the Special Teams demons came back  to haunt the Bucks as they fell to Wisconsin 31-18.  Pryor had an off day, hitting only 14/27 for 156 yards and an interception. The game started out in […]

Know your enemy: Wisconsin edition

Coach Bielema in his signature windbreaker. In his first four seasons as head coach at Wisconsin, Bret Bielema has amassed an impressive array of accomplishments.  Below are just a few, taken from Bielema’s profile on the UW athletics site: –A top-15 winning percentage over his first four years –Victories in 17 of his first 18 […]

The Week That Were: 10.09.10

This weeks’ post comes with a soundtrack: Not all that original, so if you want to get your “Gospel” on and hear the song that was going through my head all day yesterday, this is the link for you. Almost perfect. Like a no-hitter blown at the last minute, yesterday was this close to being […]

The Week That Were: 10.02.10

From the “He started it!” files- This week, we join our friends at 11W in celebrating Oktoberfest and all it’s splendor. So, break out the lederhosen, get your sauerkraut all warmed up, and find grandma’s recipe for schnitzel… This weekend looked to be the best thus far in terms of quality matchups, but only a […]