The Week That Were: 10.5.13

Sooo… big victory, at night, outside of Chicago, in a hostile environment, behind an old favorite. Yup, there’s really only one choice for the soundtrack for our look back at college football’s big weekend. As the season progresses, there will be a number of weekends that provide “clarity” in the national rankings scene… and this […]

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 14

In today’s edition, we celebrate number 14, the Ohio State’s margin of victory over Notre Dame in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl on January 1st, 2006, 34-20. This game matched up Big Game Girth Charlie Weiss against the plodding, we’ll-get-there-eventually Buckeyes under Jim Tressel. Ohio State managed to plod their way to 617 total yards. Quite a […]

Silver Bullet Points Has Read The Published Reports

Another Wednesday, another mainstream media member making less than accurately informed statements about issues they think they understand… Buckeye 411 Hall? Maybe- This week, Jordan Hall was cleared physically to play by the OSU medical staff, but the jury is still out on how “ready” he is- game speed, etc. Tuesday was a testing day, […]

Silver Bullet Points Hears The Whispers

Buckeye 411 Shower Ends Sweat- This “Duh!” headline actually points to an interesting story Tuesday about why former Buckeye Andrew Sweat chose to end his bid at a professional career. According to the Dispatch, Sweat slipped in the shower the morning that mini-camp was to start and experienced concussive-like symptoms similar to what he wrestled […]

Silver Bullet Points To The Money

In this week’s edition of news and notes, we take a look at the ever swirling world of college “playoffs”; helping you get to the bottom of the matter. You can probably guess where this is headed… Buckeye 411 Hangin’ With Urb- Hopefully you were one of the students who were able to get your […]

Ding Dong…

Charlie Weis is fired. (yeah, it doesn’t have that same panache) No surprises- will Bowden be next? Update- Yup. It will be interesting to see if this has any impact on the “you’ve got to forfeit your wins” issues that FSU has been appealing. Or, if it hastens Joe Pa’s exit.

The hits just keep on coming…

The only thing that would be the cherry on top of the ice cream that was a sixth straight win in The Game would be a Notre Dame loss… at home… on Senior Day… for the second straight year… to 4-5 UConn. Yeah, it’s a great day. The loss brings the Irish to 6-5 for […]

Charlie Cheeseburger out at Notre Dame?

ESPN is reporting (must be insider to view) a rumor that Fatty McButterPants may be out at Notre Dame at the end of the season.  Bob Stoops and Kirk Ferentz are listed as possible contenders to replace him, with Bob Stoops already expressing interest in the position. Also, it’s 2:30 and TTUN still sucks.

Happy Twenty One Hundred

What’s 2100, you say? Webhits at the BBC due to Jim and I coming on board? Nope. Booster dollars given to U$C players over the past week? Not as far as we know. Cholesterol levels of certain coaches at midwestern Catholic institutions? Maybe- what did he have for lunch? Number of SEC fans it takes […]

Massive, hilarious denial at MGoBlog today

I wish I were kidding about this, but Brian at MGoBlog today has posted a story about the 2008 Michigan rushing stats that (in his mind, and in the minds of the sycophants that follow him) prove that Rich Rodriquez is succeeding at UM. The basis of his statistical discovery is based on Michigan’s 3.91 […]