tBBC Legends: The Best Buckeye

Some articles are no-brainers and most of the time they definitely write themselves. What more can be said about The Buckeye Bullet that hasn’t already been written? For sure my opinion, but everything else has been covered here This is the first in a two part series (or maybe more because of cohorts responses?) that […]

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 26

The date was November 25 1916. The game was an undefeated match-up for the Great Western Championship between Ohio State and Northwestern. Both teams were surprisingly undefeated heading into the championship The Website Tip Top 25 broke down the game in better words than I ever could. Ohio State routed a couple of lightweights, Indiana […]

tBBC OSU Football HOF: Gaylord Stinchcomb

Today, in the Ohio State College Football Hall of Famers, we’ll take a look at Gaylord Roscoe “Pete” Stinchcomb, inducted into the HOF in 1973.  Stinchcomb, born in 1895,  was a native of Sycamore, OH. He and was honored as an all state halfback while playing for  Fostoria High School. I’m not sure how the […]

tBBC OSU Football HOF: Chic Harley; Mr. Ohio State Football

  Today we begin a summer series chronicling Ohio State players honored in the College Football Hall of Fame.  We start with a great legend. In today’s edition of Ohio State College Football Hall of Famers, we’ll take a look at the exploits of one Charles William Harley, better known as ‘Chic’. Harley’s accomplishments ranged from […]

Jesse Owens: BTN Icon #3

Like the rest of the Buckeye Intertrons, our flabber is significantly ghasted with the news that the Big Ten Network’s top four conference “Icons” rank out as follows: Red Grange (Illinois) Magic Johnson (Michigan State) Jesse Owens (Ohio State) Archie Griffin (Ohio State) Yup, seems as if someone spilled a little Rotel into their ranking […]

Les Horvath has come back from the dead to kick your ass

The early days of Ohio State football are littered with names that will always be legendary around Columbus, Ohio. Chic Harley. Francis Schmidt. Paul Brown. Bill Willis. Les Horvath. Horvath won the Heisman Trophy for Ohio State in 1944, the first one ever won by a Buckeye. Two years earlier, OSU won a National Championship […]