Cavaliers to get their chance for revenge

The schedule for the NBA Playoffs is out.  This is the year Cleveland Cavalier fans get their vengeance on all the Michael Jordan memories that were thrust upon them. Cleveland Cavaliers (1) vs. Chicago Bulls (8) Game 1 – Saturday, April 17th, 3pm at Cleveland Game 2 – Monday, April 19th, 8pm at Cleveland Game […]

NBA Playoffs begin in three days

Back when this site was on the SBNation network, we made a concerted effort to stick to all things Buckeyes, and not write about other teams, college or pro. The network had blogs from just about every team/sport out there, so we thought that writing about topics that weren’t related to Ohio State would be […]

Re-energizing while the others wear out

Yesterday I posted a quick blurb about the Cavaliers and their fresh legs, but I think I need to go into a little bit more detail now. A lot has been made about the Cavs potential for being “rusty” going into the next round of the playoffs, especially since they so quickly dispatched the Atlanta […]

OK, now this is weird

Yesterday, my brother and I were getting ready to go to the game, having a bite to eat at Winking Lizard (I barely could eat….nasty stomach pains all week), when his friend (a Bulls fan) sent him a text message; “Today is the 20th Anniversary of ‘The Shot’.  Think they’ll have a ceremony?” My brother’s […]