tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 16

In today’s edition, we celebrate number 16, the Ohio State’s margin of victory over Texas A&M in the 1987 Cotton Bowl, 28-12. Earle the Bruce took the Buckeyes to Dallas to face off against Jackie Sherrill’s Aggies. Being a ‘Jackie Sherrill Aggie’ just doesn’t sound right, but evidently such things existed. Ohio State led at […]

Stephanie's Champions Awards Luncheon – 2013

      [Ed Note: As you probably know, this is a topic that is high on my list of ‘near-and-dear’ concerns.  This is also representative of the character of the people that are associated with Ohio State University and its facilities, in this case, ‘The James’. The people recognized, below, are Champions and heroes.] […]

Silver Bullet Points Protects Honu

Notes from Tuesday’s Ohio State press conference and around the realm of college sports. No soundtrack today, but we’re totally shopping for a El Camino. Buckeye 411 Injury update: Braxton practiced, and by all reports looked “fine”, although he took it easy after the initial burst. Coaches will continue to monitor, but according to the […]

Silver Bullet Points Gives You The Info

In case you were a DIY type Unfortunately, the “here’s today’s updates” is going to become a regular feature here at tBBC. It is what it is.  That being said, we’re looking for a picture/logo or even a new title to help distinguish this from the “normal” SBP updates- leave your recommendations in the comments! […]

UPDATE: OSU/NCAA Investigation

We’ve received numerous reports today that the NCAA and the Ohio State Athletic department are in the midst of a collaborative investigation regarding the allegations involved in yesterday’s Sports Illustrated piece. Speculation is that the investigation continues to center on current Buckeye QB Terrelle Pryor; particularly his usage of various automobiles from local vendors.  NBC4 […]

Like A Runaway Cattle Stampede

I have a lot of respect for the University of Texas. Solid program, great fans, and three classic games with the Buckeyes over the last half decade or so. When Ohio athletes like Jordan Hicks choose to go to Austin instead of Texas, I understand and wish them well, even if begrudgingly so. That being […]

Chris Spielman wouldn’t take his talents to south anywhere

There’s only 36 days left until Buckeye season begins, so there’s no debate over who to feature today…. True Buckeye greats play their best games against Michigan, and Spielman was no exception to that rule.  In 1986 he had 175 tackles against the Wolverines before halftime.

A sad sad day…

It was just announced during the Ohio State vs. North Carolina Basketball game that Chris Spielman’s wife, Stefanie, has passed away from Cancer after many years of valiant battle.  Our greatest sympathies go out to the Spielman family in this very difficult time for them.

Looking at the Linebackers: Week 4

And now it is time for the much anticipated return of my look at the various position groups this season. [crowd cheers loudly] Thank you. I wasn’t sure which group I should go back and look at first, or when I should go back and re-evaluate each position, but I figure after three games we […]

Matt Wilhelm – "None shall pass"

When compiling a list of the best linebackers ever to play at Ohio State, the list is long. Spielman, Cousineau, Hawk, Laurinaitis, Gradishar, Pepper Johnson, etc etc etc. While he rarely shows up on the list of all-time best LB, Matt Wilhelm is one of my favorites. And on his next-to-last play of his career, […]

Chris Spielman lives vicariously through himself

I grew up with the name Chris Spielman dominating the news. When I was in junior high, he was a running back and a linebacker at Massillon High School, a mere seven miles from my house. He humiliated both offenses and defenses across the state week after week. Guys in this town still have nightmares […]

Bobby Carpenter is going to eat your lunch

Is was just a few short years ago that a trio of linebackers roamed the middle of our defense, and they were vicious. A.J. Hawk, Anthony Schlegel, and today’s hero, Bobby Carpenter. These three were easily the best batch of men to play LB at the same time for Ohio State (although we’re pretty sure […]