What Do You Want To See On Christmas?

As is our holiday tradition, we’ve asked the staff to put together a wish list of sorts for some other folks around the country. Here’s what they came up with. This year, I hope Santa brings the football team… Dexter- I hope that Santa sends Urban Meyer and company some type of manual on how to […]

What Do You Want To See On Christmas?

It’s Christmas morning, and if you’re like me you’ve been up for hours because your kids just had to get to the presents that you were putting together until 3 AM. And now, in the lull between gift opening and your fourth coffee, you turn to the solace of the interwebs for holiday joy. As […]

Merry Christmas from tBBC!!

We’ve given the staff some time to be with their families, and kicked them out of their basement with threats of lumps of coal in their stockings if they didn’t interact with “real people” for a change. But before they stumbled off to enjoy the Roast Beast, we polled them all about their hopes and […]

Merry Christmas From tBBC!

It’s been an interesting year here at the The Buckeye Battlecry… and we couldn’t be more greatful. In spite of the 12 months of hell that Ohio State fans have been through beginning 12/23/10, we’ve also been blessed with a growth in staff and in the number folks dropping by our little corner of the […]