Relaxed, ready, and resolute

I’ve been to six Cavalier games this year, and have watched 70+ more.  At this point, I’ve feel like I’ve reached the point that I can tell what LeBron’s going to do by his body language at the top of the key. Last weekend, I went to Game 2 with my brother and his wife […]

Victory! Shifting the pressure

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally figured out how to beat Orlando last night. A swarming perimeter defense and keeping Dwight Howard off the glass were both key elements early and late as the Cavaliers won by double-digits 112-102 Thursday night. Oh, and getting a triple-double from a guy named LeBron.  That was big too.  James had […]

Tonight's "must-win"

Yesterday, I posted my thoughts about how the Cavaliers can win this series, and it included badgering Dwight Howard to get him his 7th technical foul and an automatic one-game suspension. Then the NBA decided to protect one of its’ stars. The NBA rescinded Howard’s 6th technical foul (one which he clearly deserved) by stating […]

Is it over? No, but it's bad

Yeah, it’s bleak right now. We’ve played well enough to win but are still down 3-1. Is it over? Hell no. Here’s why. 1) We’re playing at home Thursday night in Game 5. Say what you will about the past week of basketball, but there is no house in the NBA that is tougher to […]

Inside The Q after the shot

I actually forgot I had videotaped this.  In all the excitement, my mind was racing and I somehow got my camera out to record the scene at Quicken Loans Arena after LeBron hit his game-winning three-pointer. Something that people at home might not know…..the basket wasn’t declared official for about two minutes after it went […]

The greatest moment in Cleveland sports history?

By now you’ve seen it several hundred times.  LeBron James burying a buzzer-beating three-point shot to win Game 2 and save the Cavaliers season. The BBC and many others have quickly labeled it as “The Greatest Moment In Cleveland Sports History”. But is it truly? I’ve spent 36 hours, since the shot went through the […]

The general reaction of an entire state

This video pretty much epitomizes exactly what the entire state of Ohio went through from 11:30 to 11:32 last night. That’s an on-air reaction to The Shot.  Although I am kinda pissed at Leon Bibb for throwing in the towel so quickly, it is true that he was merely voicing what a lot of us […]

To be a witness

I’m still in shock. I was in Section 220 at The Q Friday night, and I can’t believe what I saw.  It may be the single greatest play in Cleveland sports history. LeBron James buries a three-pointer as the buzzer sounds, and the Cavaliers beat the Orlando Magic 96-95 in amazing fashion. In one second, […]

Tonight is a must-win

That’s all there is to say. Oh, and I’ll be there with a sign that reads “Barkley loves fishsticks”.

The long wait is finally over

Tonight at 830, we can get back to business. The Cleveland Cavaliers will take the floor in the Eastern Conference Finals against Orlando, and it’s not a moment too soon. In the last 24 days, the Cavaliers have only played four games, and the concern is that they are not battle-tested enough for Game 1. […]

It's Orlando. Bring it.

There are two teams in the NBA that have a winning record against the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. Both of them are still alive. I’m fine with that, I want to take them both apart during this drive for the trophy. Tonight, the Orlando Magic earned their shot to be humiliated on National TV. They […]

Re-energizing while the others wear out

Yesterday I posted a quick blurb about the Cavaliers and their fresh legs, but I think I need to go into a little bit more detail now. A lot has been made about the Cavs potential for being “rusty” going into the next round of the playoffs, especially since they so quickly dispatched the Atlanta […]

Fresh legs will be key in the Eastern Finals…..

Top three key players for each team, and their total playoff minutes played….. BOSTON Ray Allen – 442 minutes played Paul Pierce – 437 minutes played Rajon Rondo – 472 minutes played ORLANDO Dwight Howard – 340 minutes played Hedo Turkoglu – 372 minutes played Rashard Lewis – 400 minutes played CLEVELAND LeBron James – […]

Day off, but plenty to do still

The front page of your local sports page probably has a nice picture of LeBron James today, doing something that you’ll never do ever.  It probably has a headline about a blowout win and most of the story is about LBJ and how he took over another game and it was unbelieveable. Yeah, The BBC […]

Cavs win big, push to 3-0 lead

Prior to tonight’s game, I said the following to my friends and family; “If the Cavaliers are going to lose a game in this series, it’ll be tonight.  I don’t think they will lose, but if any game will go against us, this is it.” I honestly thought that Atlanta would come out energized and […]

WHY do opposing fans want to piss off LeBron?

Haftime, and the Cavs are in a battle.  The Hawks are playing their best game of the playoffs and trail Cleveland by 1 point. But of course, the story is LeBron James.  He’s been burying shots that no other NBA player should even attempt.  Another 30-footer, three-pointers with defense in his face, driving through triple-teams, […]

OK, now this is weird

Yesterday, my brother and I were getting ready to go to the game, having a bite to eat at Winking Lizard (I barely could eat….nasty stomach pains all week), when his friend (a Bulls fan) sent him a text message; “Today is the 20th Anniversary of ‘The Shot’.  Think they’ll have a ceremony?” My brother’s […]

Well-rested and dominating

Heading into the second-round series with Atlanta, a lot was said about the Cavaliers’ potential for being rusty.  An 8-day layover between games was bound to hurt, and with the Hawks coming off their longer series, it was possible that momentum would carry Atlanta to a victory in Game 1 or even Game 2. Game […]

Off to Game 2!

You kids have fun and play nice.  The entire staff of The BBC is headed to Quicken Loans Arena for Game 2 tonight! Rumor is that Al Horford will not play tonight after re-aggravating his ankle injury Tuesday night.  I would like to think this gives us a better chance to win, but I didn’t […]