Ohio State Upgrades Schedule, Adds Texas

Following last week’s news that the Buckeyes would be entering into a two game, home and away series with Texas Christian for 2018-2019, the Athletic Department today announced that Ohio State would again play the University of Texas in 2022 (in Austin) and 2023 (in Columbus) This will be a renewal of a great, recent […]

In Case You Missed It: Longhorn News

This afternoon, one of the programs long held up as an example of success without compromise took a PR hit at the hands of its former star QB’s wife. On ESPN’s “The Herd”, Colin Cowherd was discussing improper benefits, particularly the situation at Ohio State. As he began to talk about the booster culture, he […]

Diaries From The Trenches: Defensive End

Out of all of the positions that I have previewed so far, defensive end is definitely the one that I am most excited about. Ohio State is talented, experienced, and unbelievably deep at defensive end this year. This should be the major strength of the defense (and possibly the entire team), and anything less than unrelenting waves […]