B1G Basketball Preview: Nebraska

Written October 21st, 2011 by Joe Laing

Up next on our preview list is the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  They will be in their first year of Big Ten play after joining the conference last summer.

You can bet these guys are excited for the start of the season!

The name “Nebraska” obviously doesn’t have the same ring to it when mentioning Basketball as it does with Football.  One of the biggest reasons for this is that they haven’t won a conference title since 1950.  They are also one of only 3 BCS schools to have not won a NCAA tournament game.  For those keeping track at home, that makes two now in our conference – the other being Northwestern.  Maybe we could get South Florida to join as well and round out the three?

Doc Sadler is in his 5th season as the head coach and Nebraska is coming off a promising 19-13 2010-2011 season in which they made the NIT.  After a surprising 13-2 start to the season,  they ended with a middle of the road 7-9 conference record last year, in their final season in the Big 12.  On the positive side, they’ve actually been invited to the NIT in 3 of the previous 4 seasons, suggesting they’re on the cusp of getting back into the dance.

The most exciting news coming out the Nebraska basketball program is probably is the opening of the new Hendrix training complex.  The 18.7 million dollar facility will be home to both men’s and women’s basketball training as well as wrestling and other sports.

They did lose the #1 and #3 top scorers from last years team in Lance Jeter and Christain Standhardinger respectively.  Standhardinger had lots of promise as only a sophomore but was kicked off the team midway through last year.  If you have some time read the back story on that situation.  It makes for some funny laughs.  Humor aside, this leaves for a very experienced team having 5 seniors and 6 juniors leading the way. Read More

Behind Enemy Lines: Ohio State -vs- Nebraska As I Saw It

Written October 9th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Closing out our trip to Lincoln for the matchup between the Huskers and Buckeyes. And now, it gets ugly.

Before The Wheels Fell Off

“It’s tough to watch your spouse’s favorite team play yours. Your excitement is tempered by the fact that it’s killing them inside.”- Mrs. Mali

I’ll be honest… for the first half it was difficult to keep my excitement in check, particularly because I was seated on the Nebraska home sidelines and because of what my wife mentioned above. But- the first two quarters were so glorious, so wonderful, so Buckeye Football… it just felt good. After months and months and months of bad news Fridays and “expose’s” and debates, after being looked at with pity by gracious home fans, after being sold as an 11.5 point underdog and somehow believing that wouldn’t be a bad bet… to witness the first half of football yesterday in Lincoln was about enough to restore my hope in the goodness of the world. Read More

Behind Enemy Lines: Gameday In Lincoln

Written October 9th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Next to last set of sights from Nebraska- mostly focusing on the events pre-game. This may read like a letter from your aunt on vacation… remember, sometimes she has good things to say.  Oh, and yes, I’ll talk about the game itself a bit later… once my therapist says it’s OK.

I arrived at the stadium around 11:00, which seems early for a 7:00 game but seems ludicrous given that it was 9:00 AM Los Angeles time.  Even though the Buckeyes won’t be back for several years, I’ve got to take this moment to strongly encourage Ohio State fans to travel to a game here at some point in their lifetime… seriously, they take “Husker Hospitality” as a challenge.

Upon arriving, I had the opportunity to survey the wonder of the ESPN truck… and all I did, for the record, is survey.  The suggestions I received via text and email would have surely landed me in jail for the game, although I’m confident even there someone would have asked me if I was having a nice visit to Lincoln.

The Huskerest Picture Ever

Moving onward I decided to connect with some folks I’d met via Buckeye Planet, and was welcomed into my first Nebraska tailgate to talk football and watch the OU/UT game. The consensus- this is the “asteroid strike” game for Husker fans, similar to our TTUN/ND wishes.  In talking conference expansion, the overall vote is “anyone but Texas”.

After bidding these folks adieu, I connected with some other Buckeye fans from Columbus for a “tour of Lincoln’s finest watering holes”. Even there, Scarlet and Gray was proudly represented (with the exception of a couple of Michigan fans), and I actually met people who were familiar with my ridiculously small corner of Ohio. Read More

Are you not Entertained? Nebraska

Written October 9th, 2011 by Eric

Again, as is becoming typical for these posts, I’m certain the answer is no. At least this time we had an entertaining first half.


Braxton Miller ran to the tune of 91 yards on the Blackshirts.

An offense. For the first half, and the first OSU drive of the second half, we saw an offense that was more than up to the task of moving the Buckeyes down the field. They scored 27 points and gained more than 300 yards, including 250 on the ground. And then Braxton got hurt, and Bauserman came into the game, and that was that.


Me not jinxing the OSU offense by asking for silly passing numbers. Success! I think. We got a touchdown to Jake Stoneburner, and had a competent passing game – again, until Bauserman came in.

A pick six. Orhian Johnson got a pick, but he wasn’t able to turn it into six. Surprisingly, Martinez passed the ball much more effectively against our secondary than he was able to do against Wisconsin. Credit Nebraska for sticking with the running game to make the passing game effective.

Taylor Martinez – Wisconsin Version. Yea, we definitely didn’t get the Wisconsin version of Taylor. We got a much nastier, much more effective variety.

The return of the aggressive, angry offensive line. They certainly looked that way in the first half. The run blocking was fantastic, and the pass protection was run to perfection. Not surprisingly, the line was unable to effectively block for Bauserman, probably given how long Bauserman likes to hold on to the football.

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Nebraska surprises Buckeyes, wins 34-27

Written October 9th, 2011 by Eric

Carlos Hyde blows past Nebraska's defense on the way to a 63 yard touchdown.

The Buckeyes made their first ever trip to Memorial Stadium to play the Cornhuskers for the first time since 1956. Ohio State came out of the gate hot, but snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by allowing the Cornhuskers to score 28 unanswered points over the last quarter and a half on the way to a 34-27 victory. The momentum change in the game came when freshman quarterback Braxton Miller fumbled the ball on the OSU 23 yardline to give Nebraska a spark in the game. Braxton Miller looked much improved during the game, throwing 5/8 for 95 yards and a touchdown, and running for another 91 yards on 10 attempts.

The Buckeye offense under Miller looked much improved in this game. While the Buckeyes focused primarily on the running game, they used smart passing plays, including delayed outlet passes to the flat, and even a screen play, to counter the Nebraska defense. In fact, OSU ran a beautiful screen pass to Jake Stoneburner for their only passing touchdown of the game – a 32 yard scamper that saw Stoneburner get touched only when he reached the endzone. OSU also used a combination of other nice run counters to force the defense to the wrong places and open up huge holes.

Unfortunately, after taking a 27-6 lead in the game, OSU began to face a stiffer Nebraska defense. Either the offense failed to make appropriate adjustments at halftime, or the Cornhusker defense simply made better ones. In fact, it’s possible that OSU went to a more conservative approach that allowed Nebraska to more easily anticipate the OSU offense. Either way, the Bucks began to struggle to move the football. On a scamper play that would have resulted in a first down Braxton Miller, who continues to not protect the football on running plays, fumbled the ball on his own 23. Nebraska went on to score a quick touchdown and the comeback was on.
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What do you Want to see on Saturday? Nebraska Edition

Written October 7th, 2011 by Eric

It’s been a hectic couple week’s here at the BBC, but not hectic enough to keep us from jotting down a couple of wishes for this weekend.


Can Hyde continue his 6.6 ypc success from MSU?

An offense. Let’s just start this out with the obvious. I would give anything to see a functional OSU offense take the field against this tough Blackshirt’s defense. The lack of Herron and Posey will make that more difficult than originally expected for this point in the season, but you have to be able to perform even when you’re missing guys. That’s one of the key differences between “good” teams and “great” ones.

Me not jinxing the OSU offense by asking for silly passing numbers. This one says it all, I think. I won’t be asking for that crap until next season. Maybe.

A pick six. We have been awfully close to a few big pick sixes in both of our losses. We’re going to need them if this team is ever going to win some of these tough games. This is a lot like 2002 – except for the fact that we got those interceptions when we needed them back then (cough cough Penn State).

Taylor Martinez – Wisconsin Version. He threw three picks to the Badgers. Can he be equally accommodating to us? That would be awfully generous of him. Heck, if he plays his cards right he could be the best Ohio State quarterback in the game!

The return of the aggressive, angry offensive line. They looked like deer in headlights against Michigan State – no thanks to the play calling and some wonderful defensive strategy from Dantonio’s crew. It would be nice to see these guys plowing the road for Jordan Hall again.

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Across The Web: Nebraska

Written October 6th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

We’re continuing our give and take with “enemy” writers, and though our first conversation with Cornhusker faithful deserved something special. As such, we’ve eschewed the usual conversation with folks who blog and instead turned to the some of the geniuses behind the best Nebraska board on the intertubes.

Formerly anchors for Huskerpedia, HuskerDan and Tad Stryker are thriving at HuskerMax, which should be a required stop for anyone who cares about B1G sports (not just Nebraska). Here we go!

Husker fans seem to be experiencing “A Tale Of Two Taylors”- last season he started well, but struggled at the end of the year, and we saw similar issues in the two halves against Wisconsin.  What are your thoughts about his occasional inconsistency and how does Big Red adjust moving forward? Are Nebraska fans excited to have option football return to Memorial Stadium?

What Taylors Do Best

Husker Dan- I don’t think there is any nostalgia about option football. Frank Solich ran it and got fired. Husker fans want to win and they don’t much care what kind of offense Nebraska runs, just as long as it consistently wins games.  Last year, Taylor Martinez’s problems midway through the season dealt primarily with his foot and ankle injuries.  And Saturday night, it was poor play calling (among other things) during the middle of the second quarter and beginning of the third that force third that forced Martinez to try to be Tom Brady.  Passing is not one of Taylor’s strongest points. Three of his passes were intercepted and all led to Badger TDs. Game over.

Tad Stryker- Husker fans are in favor of option football; they would like to see the coaching staff commit to using the running game more, since it’s the strength of the team.  I am puzzled why Husker offensive coordinator Tim Beck had Martinez throwing the ball so much when NU led 14-13 late in the first half.  Martinez has started 17 games now but is still very erratic at times.  That is not a good sign. He still does not seem to realize that he has limitations throwing the ball. Nebraska needs Martinez to gain some maturity.

Quick word association- What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “ESPN”?

HD- Game Day.

TS- WalMart

Mali- I’m sorry, those are the wrong answers, although Tad was close. We would have accepted “Biased”, “SEC”,  or “Selective Journalism”… moving on. Read More

tBBC Radio Hour: Nebraska Preview

Written October 6th, 2011 by Eric

Eric and Joe get together on this week’s radio hour to discuss the trials and tribulations facing the offense following the Michigan State game. They also talk about the latest suspensions and express the frustrations most Buckeye fans are feeling, along with their feelings towards Gene Smith. Lastly, they talk about Nebraska and what the Buckeyes need to do in order to pull off the win in Memorial Stadium.

For the opponent’s preview, Eric is joined by the excellent HuskerDan of HuskerMax.com. They discuss Nebraska, along with their recent addition to the Big Ten and the welcoming committee laid down by Wisconsin.

All this and more on this week’s Radio Hour!

Note: At the time of the recording, we believed Corey “Philly” Brown would be fully ready to play. Currently his status is listed as “Day-to-Day”, and while there is a chance that we will see him on the field, it’s not as certain as we claim in the podcast.