Silver Bullet Points to Vacation

Salutations from our nation’s 48th state, where I currently find myself vacating on the same road that I live by several hours to the west. Yup, this is as close to Rich Rod as I’ll ever get… probably for the best.  Knowing that we were headed this way the wife let me plan our trip […]

Grading Ohio State's Depth Chart: Defense

As you may know, Ohio State was nice enough to release a post spring practice two-deep for us to over-analyze during the long summer months as we anxiously await the beginning of  fall camp. Although I like to look at the depth chart every summer (hey, it’s something to do), this year has added significance […]

OSU Post Spring Depth Chart Released

“Rolling in the deep…” Today, Coach Meyer announced the “two deep” roster following spring football and evaluation. As you remember, he has previously said that this will be the look entering the fall season- that July and August are not times to determine positions, but to get ready to play. We will be adjusting our […]

Ohio State releases depth chart for Akron

The athletic site released the official depth chart today (along with a lot of other information) for the Akron game this weekend. Check it out by following the link:   Ohio State vs. Akron For our thoughts on the depth chart, make sure to read our coverage of the two-deep. We have already gone over […]