College Football Notebook: Week 7 Notes

This might be an Ohio State bye week, but folks — this isn’t the federal government. Here at tBBC, we never shut down. Unless of course, we’ve eaten too many nachos or sipped on too many bottles. We are like a torrent site on a ship in some random ocean. We don’t shut down — […]

Are You Not Entertained? Miami Edition

Malibuckeye: No. False. Starts.  Mali continues to jinx the right tackle spot. That’s probably the ghost of JB Shugarts occupying the position now. Special Forces. Special teams were reasonably good, including Bradley Roby tearing away a poorly snapped football in the endzone. Quick Cals. There are still some kinks to be worked out here. Only […]

Guest Post- Who's Next?

Part two from Ty Kelly’s manifesto after winning our bowl competition; for background, allow him to reintroduce himself. Now, let’s talk about the future of the head football coaching position at The Ohio State University. Clearly, we have to look at it from the administration and the athletic director’s viewpoint – whoever that may be […]