Updated below with Friday’s comments from Board Members-

This week is the annual Ohio State Board of Trustee meetings, and we’ve known their schedule for a while now.

However, given the “story” that is Ohio State Sports, and given whispers that members of the Board were influential in helping Jim Tressel choose to resign, all eyes and ears have been tuned to these usually dry proceedings to find any hints as to the state of OSU Athletics (including current staffing stability).

Closed glass door = mystery?

And, when you look for a story, you often find or create one to justify your perspective.  On Wednesday, it was reported by 10TV that yet another scandal was brewing, this one at the highest levels. Seems that Wednesday’s “closed door meetings”, was such that folks were concerned that their very nature was a potential violation of Ohio’s Open Meetings Laws ; surely there must be something that “they” are trying to hide.

That someone would deign to break one of the ‘Sunshine Laws’ seems simultaneously ridiculous (especially with current media scrutiny) and just plain adorable. President Gee said that these were not “meetings”, but “dialogue”; as such, they weren’t subject to open meeting guidelines.

And you know what? I believe him.  This “scandal” is not the most interesting thing to happen thus far in the BOT “dialogues”.

That happened today, when trustee Robert H. Schottenstein spoke to the media about a number of topics, including the the current concerns with the Athletic Department.  His comments were actually quite refreshing-

There has never been any attempt to act with concealment or with indifference towards the NCAA, and I can’t emphasize that enough.

We believe we have very sound processes and protocols, many of them have been validated by third parties as being at or near best in class. Still as I said, we believe we can get better.

especially if you’re Gene Smith or Doug Archie, both of whom have every reason to have the air conditioner turned up around their desk chairs in order to mitigate the heat they’re under.

However, later comments would push those feelings of confidence back into the pit of  a professional’s stomach; Read More