The Madness Of Silver Bullet Points

Welcome to the calm before the storm… unless you’re an NIT junkie, then your Madness has already started.  In honor of Coach Calipari’s fantastic coaching job on Tuesday night, today’s soundtrack channels the thoughts of Wildcat fans as they get to watch the rest of the tournament. Hey… you think they’ll have time to join […]

Wrapping up the 2012 Recruiting Class

After a long hiatus, it’s time to jump back in with some recruiting talk. Adverse circumstances surrounding the program have obviously impacted recruiting for months, but the 2012 class still has an opportunity to be pretty darn good. The key will be finishing strong, and the Buckeyes look to be in a great position to […]

Frank Epitropoulos is a Buckeye!

Local athlete and Buckeye legacy Frank Epitropoulos became the sixth member of Ohio State’s 2012 recruiting class today. Epitropoulos is a standout wide receiver and punter at Upper Arlington High School in Columbus. While he isn’t as flashy as some of the other national prospects Ohio State is targeting, he has all of the attributes […]

Recruiting Update: 3/30/11

It is a quiet time for football recruiting in general, but Ohio State has thrown out a few offers to some dynamite out-of-state prospects that Buckeye Nation can get excited about. They are all long shots at best, but landing any of these new offers would be recruiting gold. Additionally, an interesting new dynamic this […]