BBN Tournament LiveBlog: Sweet 16 Part 1 + Cincinnati

It’s time for weekend number two of three in this year’s March Madness!  Tonight features battles in the East and West Regionals – including Big Ten action from Wisconsin, Michigan State, and of course your Ohio State Buckeyes. The LiveBlog will kickoff around 7:00 PM EST to get you squared away for the first game […]

BBN Bracket Challenge: Major Awards

We told you earlier that we were in process of coming up with some cool swag for the winners of our BBN Bracket Challenge, and now we’ve got enough that we can let you in on the awesome. Our overall winner will get their choice of a shirt from the guys at Fresh Brewed Tees, […]

tBBC Challenge: College Football Pick-em

Don’t forget to get your entry in!! So you think you’re smarter than the guys on Gameday, and your Saturdays are spent screaming at the radio during Division 3 matchups. There’s a cornhole set in every room of your house; your wardrobe will change significantly once you see what Luke Fickell is wearing on the […]

And now, a word about our sponsors

It’s been a busy week here at tBBC… heck, who are we kidding? It’s been a busy month, and it looks like it’s going to be that way for a while. Which is fantastic, ’cause that’s the way we like it.  Huge thanks to those who have joined our little barbecue (except that one guy […]

Silver Bullet Points Goes Mobile

Quick announcement and some short news updates this morning… Introducing: tBBC Mobile platform. If you’ve been reading us on your iPhone or Android Device, hopefully you’ve noticed that we’re a lot more user friendly these days.  Thanks to the great work of Chad at digital:construct, we’ve launched a version of this that you can take […]

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

If you’re a Buckeye fan living in Northeast Ohio, or if you were a part of our NCAA Tournament challenge you should be familiar with the work of our newest partner, Fresh Brewed Tees. We’re excited to work with this great organization, especially because they are active in giving back to the community- $1 from […]

Kudos and Clothing!

With the crap-tacular showing by Butler’s Bulldogs last night, we begrudgingly offer congratulations to  UConn’s Huskies, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Champion. More importantly, though, is the conclusion of tBBCBC, where Kriswitha_k correctly predicted a finals appearance by Calhoun’s Corps, and won the tournament with 77 points.  In second place was WorriedSick, who managed two […]