tBBC Bowl Challenge: It’s Not Too Late

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for this year’s Bowl Pick’em! Sure, we’ve already had some games… but your perfect score sheet from this point forward will be good enough to take the trophy, right? We’ve added a great offer from CVS Flags for our winner as well… they’ll get a the flag […]


tBBC Bowl Picks Challenge!

First things first… Congrats to Ken for winning both the head to head contest with Scott and also our Path To The Playoff challenge this season.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that yours truly forgot to turn his picks in for last week… Since Ken’s on the staff, our REAL winner is Toasted Bucknut! Drop […]


Pick ‘Em Week 7: Ruh Roh

Dang I was close. If Sparty would just learn how to close out a choke job I’d be right there. But Ken still has me right where I want him so I’m not giving up. I correctly called the Northwestern upset of the over-rated Badgers and dang near had the Fightin’ Pelinis upset right as […]

Pick ’em Week 3: Newbie still leading (but not for long)

When does basketball season start? At least I predicted that Illinois would be on upset alert. Not sure how the Illini survived. Since we picked the same games last week, I wasn’t able to gain any ground on Ken and his soon-t0-be erased one-game lead. We nailed the Penn State, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, […]


2014 College Football Contest

The BCS is dead. Long live the BCS. We’re in uncharted waters here, folks… the first season for the College Football Playoff, a final four selected by a committee to face off in January for the new lipstick dispenser shiny trophy. With 5 major conferences and only 4 available slots, who will see their champion […]

The End Of Madness: tBBC Bracket Challenge

Congratulations to the UConn Huskies, winner of their fourth national championship Monday night with a 60-54 victory over Big Blue Nation and the Kentucky Wildcats in Arlington Texas. Following a season where the Huskies were ineligible for post-season play due to APR/Academic issues, the upperclassman who stayed with the program earned their second title in […]

tBBC Bracketology: Final Four

Since it’s April Fool’s Day, it totally makes sense to look at the clown show that is most of our brackets. There’s a real possibility that the “Conference full of fans who like to prove they can spell three letter words” will have the only two teams with a basketball pulse in the finals on […]

tBBC Bracketology: Sweet 16

Well, the past four days certainly lived up to the “Madness” legacy, didn’t they? Indianapolis hosts Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, and Louisville… That’s got to be a scalper’s dream scenario, right? Huge upsets, surprise teams moving on to the next round, and favorites being pushed to the wire across all of the regions. And yet, there’s […]

tBBC's Tournament Challenge 2014

Let’s be honest… you’ve already started on your excuses for next week. Thursday and Friday should absolutely be a national holiday from work, since most of us don’t get anything accomplished anyway. Ah, the beautiful Madness! Sure, the Buckeyes have a game or four to win before Sunday’s brackets are released and the Big Dance […]

One Fan's Opinion: From The Mouth Of Babes

As is tradition here at tBBC, we give contest winners the chance to write an article to share with the rest of the world. This year is no different, even if the contest winner is a seven year old Oklahoma State fan. Introducing Caleb, as interviewed by his dad (our B1g12 correspondent): 1) Caleb, do […]

And The Winner Is…

With Florida State’s last minute victory in Pasadena last night, the BCS era comes to an end. Congratulations to the Seminoles on their victory; thanks too for ensuring that the SECSECSEC went winless in the last year of the BCS. Now that the Bowls have concluded for 2013-14, we also need to congratulate the winner(s) […]

Announcing: tBBC Bowl Challenge

Quick update on tBBC’s Championship Chase, our yearly contest for all of our Buckeye Yahoo!s… Of the over 50 folks who signed up to play, Toasted Bucknut ended the season on top with 252 points! Drop us a note here at the mothership, and we’ll get you hooked up for your prize package and so […]

Pick 'Em- It's Almost Over

After 90 picks, tBBC’s pick ’em between Gary and myself has come down to the final week. With our contest deadlocked, we will pick the winners of Saturday’s games and use the total points scored in the B1G championship game as the tiebreaker. To recap last week, both of us took Ohio State, Nebraska, Sparty, […]

tBBC Pick 'Em: Week Five

OK, I’m starting to feel a little nauseated. This pick ’em thing is not working out like I planned. I’m losing. Of course I expected to win. Who expects to lose other than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Let’s recap our last week of picks, which was two weeks ago. Took a week off to attend […]

tBBC Pick 'Em: Week Three

I guess my sarcasm didn’t get me very far last week. Gary had a solid week of picking, hitting on all the games except Illinois-Nebraska. I thought I was safe with Penn State over Indiana. Really, Nittany Lions? And Iowa let me down too. Still a long way to go and we have some fun […]

tBBC Pick 'Em: Even After Week One

They say tying is like kissing your sister. Pucker up. That’s where we stand after one week of our head-to-head pick. Yours truly and Gary were correcting in picking Ohio State and Illinois to win last week. I correctly picked Iowa winning at Minnesota but was disappointed in the effort of Purdue as Gary was […]

Braggin' Rights and Wrongs: tBBC Pick'em

The B1G 10 season is about to kick into full gear and two of your favorite BBC writers are going head-to-head the rest of the way. Each week yours truly and Gary will pick the games that matter We may agree, we may not. And when one of us is right and Gary is wrong […]

2013 Picks Challenge!!

It’s here. Game week. The 2013 Ohio State season kicks off Saturday with one goal in mind: Pasadena. For all the Roses… or for the Crystal Trophy. Between now and then, though, there’s a lot of football that will happen- big plays, controversial calls, fantastic finishes, amazing performances… and we’ve got your chance to get […]

Major Award: tBBC Bracket Challenge

A great game on Monday night led to a great result- Michigan didn’t win.  I’m sure that was as exciting for you as it was for Rick Pitino, right? Congratulations to the Louisville Cardinals on their season, and to Columbus’ Trey Burke on his college career. Thanks, too, for deciding to go pro so I […]