DeVier Posey Suspended Additional Five Games

If it’s Friday, it means that it’s time for more bad news. Devier Posey has been suspended an additional five games by the NCAA for receiving $720 in payment for hours not worked, in addition to “free golf”.  Essentially, this means that his senior season will consist of the games against Penn State and Michigan… […]

Scarlet and Gray Q&A – Week Six

If there was ever a need for a demonstration of Murphy’s Law, Ohio State’s offense against Michigan State might be an apt tool to use. Everything that could go wrong for the Buckeyes did last Saturday when the scarlet and gray had possession of the football. Nothing went right, and any glimmer of hope that […]

Herron, Hall, Posey Declared Inelligible Against Nebraska

Here’s the long and short of it, as far as we know: During the investigation into former Ohio State Booster Bobby DiGeronimo’s connection with the charity event that saw several Buckeyes suspended earlier this season, the University discovered that there were student athletes who were working for his company, and that this employment hadn’t been […]

NCAA Hearing Update

Well, that was fast… Here’s what we know (updated as available) The meeting lasted 3.5 hours for reference, USC’s hearing was 3 days (more programs under investigation) Ohio State will donate the $338,000 they received from the conference’s award from their participating in the Sugar Bowl to local charities. No word on whether ESPN will […]

First Look: Ohio State's NCAA Response

As we mentioned earlier, the Ohio State Athletic Department today released their response to the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations, and submitted recommended sanctions for the transgressions. You can find the documents here: OSU Newsroom NCAA Documents, including the initial NOA. One thing to be clear of- These are the University’s response to the NCAA’s Notice […]

BREAKING: Ohio State Responds to the NCAA

Update- All documents in the University’s response to the NCAA are now available online. Update 2- Gene Smith defends the proposed sanctions. Today, the Ohio State University submitted its response to the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations, including several self-administered penalties, according to the Columbus Dispatch. The Dispatch, is reporting that the University is placing the […]

The Board of Trustee Meeting: The End Of The Athletic Department?

Updated below with Friday’s comments from Board Members- This week is the annual Ohio State Board of Trustee meetings, and we’ve known their schedule for a while now. However, given the “story” that is Ohio State Sports, and given whispers that members of the Board were influential in helping Jim Tressel choose to resign, all […]

Buckeye Battlecry Roundtable: Ohio State Leadership

Part three of our attempt to process the “Memorial Day Melee“… it should be noted that all of these responses came before yesterday’s news regarding Terelle Pryor; as such, opinions may have changed. Today’s question: Several groups of people are calling for Smith and Gee to be fired as well- what’s your take on it? […]

OSU AD Gene Smith Talks Resignation

    Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith talked this afternoon by a recorded three minute message on Youtube video about today’s resignation of football head coach Jim Tressel. Smith stated that Tressel and himself met after a vacation for the former head coach on Sunday. It was then that the former leader of the […]

Ohio State Self Reports NCAA Violations: Jim Tressel Suspended 2 Games

Update – For the full press conference video, please visit’s report on the conference. Jim Tressel, Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith and Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee sat down this evening to discuss the news released in a  Yahoo Sports report.  That press conference was aired over the internet at for everyone […]

Tat-Gate Revisited: What Did Ohio State Know, And When?

UPDATE- The University has scheduled a press conference for this evening (3.8.11) at 7:00 pm. Coach Tressel, AD Gene Smith, and President E. Gordon Gee will be speaking, according to the press release. As I’m sure you’ve probably heard, Yahoo (no, I’m not going to do the exclamation point) Sports released a story on Monday […]

Foundational Thoughts: Player Suspensions

Since this is Festivus, it would be tempting to take time for the airing of grievances, particularly in light of the news that broke today. However, I’m not going to do that.  I’ve got frustrations, and you’ll get a chance to read them, but I wanted to set out some foundational items first. We rarely […]